Tryphone Kamata Teacher of Physics, chemistry, Biology and mathema
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My name is TRYPHONE FAUSTINE KAMATA.I am an outstanding teacher with lots of experience,detailed materials, good and best teaching skills that enable me to make my students understand so easily .so I teach different subjects including PHYSICS,CHEMISTRY,BIOLOGY,ENGLISH LANGUAGE and KISWAHILI LANGUAGE.Actually I well talented in a way that students fully understand my lessons but also get up well with good and excellent results in schools, colleges and universities so choose me as your teacher and you will never regret,I am a teacher who will enable you be successful in academics and other spheres of life.By the way I teach well by introducing and explaining in details about the subject,later then followed by lots of good and tactical examples that will actually enable my students to clearly understand and take up concepts so easily in a way that they completely stick within their minds.Also some exercise for testing their extent of understanding that enables me to clearly view out where they have not understood such that I can make further clarification.This has made me successful in this career by bringing up students who are successful.YOUR MOST WELCOME.


  • Physics (Grade 1-Diploma)

  • Chemistry & Biology (Grade 1-Diploma)

  • Mathematics & Statistics (Grade 1-Diploma)

  • General English Courses for Arabs (Grade 1-Diploma)

  • Swahili for foreigners (Grade 1-Diploma)


  • Teacher (Jul, 2018Mar, 2021) at GEITA ADVENTIST HIGH SCHOOL
    I am a good, experienced and determined teacher with a good ability of explaining well to students so that they understand so I teach PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY,BIOLOGY,STATISTICS,ENGLISH LANGUAGE and SWAHILI LANGUAGE so your most welcome for studies"EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS". Your most welcome.


  • Masters in science and linguistics (Nov, 2021now) from University of Dar es salaam,in Dar es salaam
  • Bachelor of education in science and linguistics (Oct, 2018May, 2021) from University of Dar es salaam,Dar es salaam

Fee details

    TSh25,00050,000/day (US$10.7221.44/day)


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