Qari Mohabat Ali An Experienced Quran & Islamic Studies Tutor (UK)
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Assalaam u alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh, Alhamdulillah I'm a teacher of Qur'an and islamic studies based in the UK, I've been teaching for over 25 years in fluent English, Urdu and Punjabi languages, I completed my Hifz Ul Quran and Tajweed 33 years ago Alhamdulillah.

I teach students of all ages, children as well as adults. I also teach New Muslims Qur'an and Islamic studies.

Alhamdulillah i have a wealth of experience from teaching students of all ages in local madaaris and worldwide online. I specialise in recitation with Tajweed and qirat. All rules of Tajweed are taught in great depth and applied in students recitation, Starting from Qaida, Nazira Qur'an and Hifz Ul Quran. All lessons are taught on a one to one basis at a very high standard, extra help is given to those students who need it. A big improvement is noticeable after just a few lessons Alhamdulillah. upto 3 students can learn together in one lesson.

Students of Hifz Ul Quran are encouraged to memoriz the Holy Qur'an according to their capability.

Subjects covered:

* Qaida with Tajweed
* Nazira Qur'an with Tajweed
* Tajweed
* Hifz Ul Quran
* Salah / Duas
* Islamic studies
* URDU language

All subjects are taught in fluent English, Urdu and Punjabi at a very high standard.


  • Quran Beginner-Expert

  • Tajweed Beginner-Expert

  • Islam Beginner-Expert

  • Islamic studies Beginner-Expert

  • Quran Recitation Beginner-Expert

  • Quran and Tajweed Beginner-Expert

  • Qaida Beginner-Expert

  • Hifz Beginner-Expert

  • Quran & Arabic Beginner-Expert

  • Quran with tajweed Beginner-Expert

  • Tajweed Rules Beginner-Expert

  • Quran Memorization, Nazera, Tajweed and islamic studies Beginner-Expert

  • Islamic education Beginner-Expert

  • Quran & Memorization Beginner-Expert

  • Complete Method of Namaz Beginner-Expert

  • Nazira Quran Beginner-Expert

  • Qaida for Beginners

  • Yassarnal Quran, Noorani Qaida, Deeniyat Beginner-Expert

  • Qur'an with Tajweed Beginner-Expert

  • Hifz - Quran memorization Beginner-Expert


  • Private Qur'an teacher (May, 2010Present) at Learn Quran with Tajweed Recitation
    Teaching one to one students of all ages Qaida and Qur'an with Tajweed also islamic studies, salah and Duas. Plus hifz of Qur'an.
  • Quran teacher (Jan, 2000Jul, 2006) at Minhaj ul quran madaris
    Teaching class of children Qur'an with Tajweed and islamic studies
  • Quran teacher (Jan, 1989Jan, 1999) at Zia ul Qur'an masjid Birmingham
    Teaching class of children Qur'an with Tajweed, also basic islamic studies education.


  • Hifz Ul Quran (Oct, 1983Nov, 1988) from Zia ul quran acedmy

Fee details

    £830/hour (US$9.2637.04/hour)

    1-2 Student(s) = £7.50 - £20


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