Olena 3d fashion designer, 3d sculptor, french teacher
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Hello, my name is Olena, I’m 3D fashion designer from Ukraine and it has been years since my life is tightly connected with fashion.
I worked as a 3D visualiser for NFT as well as collaborated for different brands which allowed me to learn almost every aspect and can help you to create anything from real piece as well as your imagination, put them on different personages, or in different poses.
During my experience l gained solid knowledge in such programs as Marvelous designer, Zbrush, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Maya and Substance Painter and will be glad to share my knowledge with you)
I also worked as a online French tutor for a year, so I can not only create something but also explain it in interactive, understandable way. I learn all that 3d stuff myself so I totally understand how complicated and confusing all that 3d softwares can be at a first glance. But that’s why here I am, to explain it to you in calm and relaxing atmosphere.


  • 3D art (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • FRENCH (A1 to B2)

  • 3D Fashion design (Beginner-Expert)

  • French (A1 to A2)


  • 3d Artist for NFT (Apr, 2022Sep, 2022) at Simulated xyz
    Created 3d models of characters, clothes and various accessories for NFT collections.
  • French tutor (Jan, 2020Present) at Freelance online tutor
  • 3d fashion designer (May, 2019Feb, 2022) at Freelancing Kyiv Ukraine
    Created 3d models of cloth for digital fashion shows and video-clips and will help you do the same!)Clothes can be created from real pieces as well as from anyone’s imagination)


  • Bachelor (Sep, 2019now) from Lviv National University

Fee details

    10/hour (US$10.42/hour)

    Fee depends on time
    10 euros French class 1 hour
    15 euros 3d art and 3d fashion design


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