Oyuntugs Luubaatar Math, Physics, Biology, English
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I have graduated with a bachelors degree in biological engineering from MIT. In my high school, I used to do competitive math and physics. I can help students stay on track with their current or upcoming curriculum and/or with their assignments or help prepare for competitions. I would like to do one on one lessons with a tailored plan that suits each student considering their strong and weak topics on Math (including algebra, geometry and calculus), Physics and Biology.

If you think I would be a good fit for you(r child) please contact me! Looking forward to it.


  • English Grade 7-Grade 12

  • Biology Grade 7-Grade 12

  • Physics Grade 7-Grade 12

  • Math Grade 5-Bachelors/Undergraduate


  • Tutor (May, 2020Aug, 2022) at Association of Mongolian Students in America
    Physics, Biology tutor


  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering (Sep, 2017Jun, 2022) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA

Fee details

    30,000/hour (US$8.50/hour)


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