Nikhil Raizada DSA, Web dev, Upcoming google intern, IIT indore
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I am a third year Btech student at IIT indore and an upcoming Google SWE intern. I am quite proficient in DSA, Web dev, Machine learning, Deep Learning, federated learning and Maths.
I am quite frank with my students. Alongside teaching, I also motivate them and help as much as possible. I also have quite a lot of experience in facing interviews.
I have been through the phase which most of the students of 2/3/4 year are going through and hence, i understand them better.
My main focus will be to get you an intern/full time offer with my experience.
With my experience and knowledge combined with your hard work, we can achieve wonders.


  • Data Structures & Algorithms Beginner-Expert

  • Data Structure (C++) Beginner-Expert


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  • BTech (Nov, 2020now) from IIT INDOREscored 8.23

Fee details

    3001,000/hour (US$3.6812.28/hour)



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