Himadri Nag Professor

I use a very simplified manner of imparting concepts to students and make sure they understand what they are dealing with . I will ensure that the student gets the major and vital advanced concepts of mathematics or physics or statistics but also make sure that the core concepts are clear.
I would be able to help all O Level, A Level graduate,undergraduate, engineering and post graduate year, mathematics, statistics, physics, students from any university in the world, through online classes via skype, hangout, discord, google meet, Microsoft meet etc .
The Subjects are :
1. Linear Algebra
2. Abstract and Pure Mathematics
3. Discrete Mathematics
4. Ordinary and Partial Differential equations with Integral Transforms
5. Linear Vector Spaces and Unitary Spaces
6. Tensor Algebra
7.Group Theory(Lie Groups, Special Rings)
8. Multi Variable Calculus
9. Real and Abstract Analysis
10. Numerical Methods
11. LPP and Game Theory
12.Complex Analysis (Complex Integrals )
13.Functional Analysis (Metric Spaces, LVS, Unitary Spaces, Bra and Ket Notations)
14. Topology
15. Number Theory (with Tensor Fields)
1, Mathematical methods for physics
2. Classical mechanics
3.Classical Electrodynamics
4. Fields and Transformations
5. Quantum Mechanics
6. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
7. Special Relativity
8.General Theory of Relativity
9. Fluid Mechanics
10. Continuum Mechanics
11. Relativistic Fields
12. Gauge Theory and Strings
13. Particles and Plasma Physics
14.Nuclear Physics
15. Quantum Field Theory
1. Mathematical and Inferential Statistics
2.Stochastic Signal Processing
3. Probability Theory and methods of Calculus
4. Linear, nonlinear and Multidimensional Regression analysis
5. Annova and Ancova
6.Financial Mathematics
D>Engineering Topics
1. Circuit Theory 1,2,3
2. Mechanics of Machines
3. Statics and Dynamics
4. Electromagnetism
5. Engineering Physics
I will not solve problems for you but instead I shall teach you self learning methods to solve them on your own .Students do worry about getting good marks in exams. but I can assure them that good marks or grades can be obtained by simply installing concepts inside themselves and not merely going through shortcuts and hacks .
I also like to teach veteran students who are wanting to enhance their career by learning subjects like .
2> Phd. on topics involving mathematics physics and statistics. and want to brush up on essentials for these courses .
I also teach essential computer languages like JAVA,C,C++,R,and Python which are essential for mathematics or statistical learning .
Well, for me teaching is a passion more than a profession, and mathematics is a way of life.
Thank You All, Stay safe.


  • Circuit theory (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Statistical Analysis (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Topology (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Pure and Applied Mathematics (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Electromagnetism (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Stochastic Processes (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Mathematical Analysis (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Quantum Mechanics (Doctorate/PhD)

  • MSc Physics (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Discrete mathematics and graph theory (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Measure-Theoretic Probability (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Special and General Theory of Relativity (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Classical and statistical mechanics (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Continuum and Fluid Mechanics (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Real and Complex Analysis (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Multivariable and Vector Calculus (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Algebra 1, 2, 3 (Doctorate/PhD)

  • PhD Mathematics Guidance (Doctorate/PhD)

  • Linear Algebra (Advanced) (Doctorate/PhD)


  • Researcher and lecturer (Nov, 2019 - Present) at ISI
  • Visiting Lecturer (Dec, 2012 - Present) at WBNSOU
  • Visiting lecturer (Sep, 2005 - Present) at West Bengal State University
    I am lecturer of mathematics in the University of Calcutta and also work as guest lecturer at several universities like Burdawan University and Vidyasagar University.


  • D.Sc (Jun, 2016 - May, 2019) from Indan Institute of Science(IISc)- scored complete
  • PHD (Mar, 2012 - Jun, 2015) from Stanford University, Stanford
  • M.Stat (Jun, 2008 - Aug, 2010) from ISI kolkata- scored 94.5
  • Phd (Apr, 2005 - Sep, 2007) from University of Calcutta, Kolkata, West Bengal- scored 99
  • Masters In Computer Applications (Aug, 2004 - Sep, 2006) from IGNOU- scored 96%
  • M.sc in applied mathematics (Jun, 2000 - Sep, 2003) from University of Calcutta, Kolkata, West Bengal- scored 1st cl 1st

Fee details

    800-1,700/hour (US$10.68-22.69/hour)

    Upto O level 10usd/hr
    Upto A level 12usd/hr
    Higher education, engineering or batchlers 15usd/hr
    or Post Graduate Level, professional level studies -- 18 USD / hr.

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professional teacher

I am happy to find Mr. Himandi, he helped me a lot with understanding statistics. Highly recommend him!

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