Jyothi Neelima Sirikonda Online tutor

Teaching is My Passion. I enjoy teaching and it gives me great satisfaction to see the children confident in the subject. This made me leave my high paying job as a Pharmacist in USA and take up teaching full time.
I strongly believe each person is different and has different challenge areas. So, I personalize my classes according to the level of child's understanding .
Till now I have coached more than 200 students and 98% of students scored A and A* .
Clear understanding of concepts is necessary to apply them . For which lots of practicing questions is required. I Provide worksheets after every lesson and correct the mistakes.I conduct tests after each chapter. I also like to analyse children's exam answer sheets as it gives an better idea of where they need help as most kids perform differently under pressure or during exams. I provide monthly report to the Parents.
I have around 10 years experience working in community Pharmacist in US. Counselling people of different ages and from different countries and around 7+ years of experience teaching various International curriculum enabled me to understand children and make them understand concepts better .
Attitude of the student towards learning is also very important to achieve good results .
My students like to continue with me even after moving to different cities or countries, that is how I got introduced to online classes 2013.
I take both group and one to one classes. Most parents request for one to one classes but my experience is children learn better in smaller groups as they get to see different children's perspective and that creates a little competitive environment which also encourages them to do better.


  • Chemistry (Grade 8-Grade 12)

  • Physics (Grade 8-Grade 10)

  • IGCSE Chemistry (Grade 7-GCSE)

  • AP chemistry (A level-Grade 12)

  • IGCSE Physics (Grade 8-GCSE)

  • AQA Chemistry (Grade 9-A level)

  • IGCSE Biology (Grade 8-GCSE)

  • Edexcel Chemistry (Grade 8-A level)

  • A level Chemistry (A2) (Grade 11-Grade 12)

  • Cambridge AS & A level Chemistry (Grade 11-A level)

  • OCR A level (GCSE-A level)


  • Tutor (Jun, 2012 - Present) at Home/ Online Tutor . Self Employed
    I am a Pharmacist passionate about teaching and enjoy teaching.
    I have taught over 200 students 98% passed out with A* .More than 70% of my students start my classes from 8th Grade and continue till A levels.
    I teach various international Syllabus CIE, AQA, Edexcel, OCR, USA, .
    I consider my biggest achievement in teaching is when many of my students started my classes hating chemistry and ended up not only loving the subject but scoring A*
    Many of my students scored above 750 in SAT without additional coaching. I also have 2 students scoring 800/800 in SAT.
  • Staff Pharmacist (Jan, 2009 - Sep, 2011) at Albertsons/Osco Pharmacy
  • Staff Pharmacist (Jun, 2007 - Dec, 2009) at Longs Drugs
  • Intern Pharmacist (Oct, 2004 - May, 2006) at Albertsons/Osco Pharmacy
  • Associate Proffessor (Apr, 2003 - Jan, 2004) at Talla padmavathi college of Pharmacy.warangal


  • Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Apr, 2001 - Apr, 2003) from University college of Pharmaceutical sciences, Kakatiya University
  • B.Pharm (Nov, 1996 - Nov, 2000) from University college of Pharmaceutical sciences, Kakatiya University

Fee details

    US$10-30/hour (US$10.0-30.0/hour)

    Group classes: Rs 450- Rs 700 ; based on grade and level
    One to One Classes - Rs 1200 - Rs 2150

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5 out of 5

User Photo January 19, 2020
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Mrs.Neelima is a wonderful teacher with rich experience and a great orator. She keeps the classes very interesting while teaching the concepts clearly.
She gives ample worksheets to practice the learnings and gives valuable suggestions and corrections.
My son enjoys both her Physics and Chemistry classes.

User Photo January 17, 2020
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Clear concepts and good assignments

Classes from Mrs Neelima were extremely helpful and were timely help.She explains the concepts so clearly and also make sure each of student understand them well . Ensures students practice the concepts through assignment and also guage them. Well versed with syllabus knows the difficult topics. Flexible and good planning . Thank you for helping out

User Photo November 25, 2019
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Learning with miss Neelima was very informative and I learned a lot of new things
I have a much better understanding of chemistry now and the way of teaching was very efficient