Seid A. Abdi Language
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I am exprerienced teacher of Somali language for beginers intermediate and advaced levels. As teaching this language shall be interpreted or translated to you to English or Arabic. The method shall be academic and results will appear within days. As I shall focus on the grammar and vocabulary and sentence making. I shall practically will be testing and communicating with the student to making him or her improve day after day. For the beginers Somali Alphabet will be the main focus, how it differs the English Alphabet, and how it may look alike.


  • ASL- English Interpreting Expert

  • Somalia language (Af soomaali) Expert

  • Arabic & Holy Quran Expert


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  • Language Studies (Mar, 2000Jul, 2008) from City University

Fee details

    CA$20/hour (US$14.71/hour)

    Fee doesn't vary with me


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