Fahad saleem Math&Physics
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Teaching is the process of imparting knowledge or skills to others. It involves guiding and facilitating learning through various methods and techniques.A great teacher possesses various qualities that contribute to their effectiveness in the role. These may include strong subject knowledge, excellent communication skills, adaptability, patience, and the ability to engage and motivate students. Additionally, a great teacher fosters a positive and inclusive learning environment, encourages critical thinking, and tailors their teaching to meet the individual needs of their students. Firstly, a great teacher possesses a deep passion for their subject matter, which is evident in their enthusiasm and ability to inspire students. This passion serves as a catalyst for fostering a love of learning within their students, as they are able to effectively communicate the importance and relevance of the subject. Moreover, a great teacher possesses a strong knowledge base and expertise in their field, allowing them to provide accurate and comprehensive information to their students.


  • Physics Grade 5-Grade 10

  • Math Grade 5-Grade 12


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  • Higher Secondary (Jun, 2021Oct, 2023) from Govt Sadiq Graduate commerce college,BWP

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    Rs1,0001,500/month (US$3.515.26/month)


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