Gaurav Sharma Electronics and communication engineering

I understand what it’s like to be a student who may lack confidence, feel stressed, be overwhelmed or just not understand the material.

As I have been tutoring for last 2 years that encourage to build a better way of teaching.
So Firstly I make the base of the student by clearing the concepts along with the number of problems related to each concept so student can understand and keep it in his/her mind for the lifetime.

I am still working as faculty for GATE EC, PSUs. SSC-JE, and B.Tech.
My students are scoring quite good.
I have qualified the GATE 2 times.

Thanking You.
Best of Luck For Your Bright Future.


  • Digital Electronics (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Analog Electronics (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Electronic devices and circuits (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Signals and Systems (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Control Systems (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • VLSI and CMOS (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • VHDL (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Analog and digital communication (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Analog Circuits and Systems (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Analog filter design (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Basic circuit analysis (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • CMOS VLSI (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Digital circuit design (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Digital CMOS Circuits (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Digital Electronics and Analog Electronics (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Digital system design (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Electronics and communication engineering (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Fourier Analysis / Signals and Systems (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Laplace transforms (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Linear Integrated Circuit (Bachelors (Undergraduate))


  • Faculty (Feb, 2017 - Present) at Raj Engineering Academy Delhi
    I conduct the regular classes for the GATE, PSUs, SSC-JE, and B.TECH in Raj Engineering Academy.
    I have been working in Raj Engineering Academy for February, 2017.


  • Electronics and Communication Engineering (Aug, 2012 - Jul, 2016) from Mizoram University- scored 85.5%

Fee details

    1000-1500/hour (US$14.08-21.12/hour)

    For and Diploma students the minimum fee is 800-1000 rupees per hour.