ANANT TARANIYA Senior Year/Energy Science and Engineering

I believe that my unconventional style to solve problems in Mathematics and Physics is more intuitive and hence, students would be able to connect with it more than the solutions in the textbooks. I give attention to small details which play a key role in understanding how to tackle problems and students don't have to cram a single formula which can be derived easily. I also believe that confidence is the key to success in any subject and different subjects have different areas to boost one's confidence which I know because of the experience in Engineering at one of the best Institutes in the world and after giving one of the world's toughest examinations: IIT Bombay and JEE Advanced.


  • Maths (Grade 1-Grade 12)

  • Physics (Grade 1-Grade 12)

  • Chemistry (Grade 1-Grade 10)

  • Fluid Mechanics (Grade 11-Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • English as a First or Second Language (Grade 1-Grade 10)


  • Visiting Researcher (May, 2019 - Present) at Kyushu University, Fukuoka city, Japan
    Numerical Analysis of a Low-Re number airfoil for a Mars Airplane using ANSYS and compare the results with experimental data, making suitable conclusions.
  • Visiting Researcher (Jun, 2018 - Jul, 2018) at University of Sydney, Sydney
    Designed and integrated custom fins for the AUV IVER by using surface CAD tools on Solidworks, to provide required downforce for overcoming buoyancy and stabilizing roll of the vehicle. Increased the efficiency by reducing the required angle of attack of motion and ballast weights, hence resulting in safer operation of the propeller as it required flow rate.
  • Mechanical Lead (Aug, 2017 - Mar, 2019) at AUV-IITB, Mumbai
    An all-student team working on the design and development of an AUV, Matsya, which competes annually at the International AUVSI RoboSub competition in San Diego, CA. Leader of the Mechanical SubDivision.


  • Bachelors in Technology (Jul, 2016 - now) from IIT BOMBAY, MUMBAI
  • Higher Secondary (Apr, 2014 - Mar, 2016) from Pinewood School, Saharanpur

Fee details

    300-600/hour (US$4.3-8.59/hour)

    Price is usually low unless I am busy with something and I have to help the student with something important for them.