Vidhi Bansal Freelance creative writer and freelance teacher

My teaching style is :

My methodology is:
•Clearing the concept from root
•Explaining the logics
•Registering it in the long term memory of the brain
•Tricks and tips to memorise things
•No rote learning

And as a result, the results are:
•Great academic growth
•Great personal growth

Why choose me to teach your child:
•I believe the role of education is to empower us to think on our own rather than instructing us on how to think
•I encourage questions and discussions
•I never give false information to save my face. If I don’t know something, I come back equipped with the right information. After all, we are all humans, here to help each other out. :)


  • English (Grade 1-Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Math (Grade 1-Grade 8)

  • Science (Grade 1-Grade 8)


No experience mentioned.


  • B.Com (Apr, 2012 - Apr, 2015) from GGDSD COLLEGE
  • Higher Secondary (Apr, 2010 - Apr, 2012) from Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh- scored 94%
  • Secondary (Mar, 1998 - Apr, 2010) from Manav Mangal School- scored 94%

Fee details

    150-350/hour (US$2.11-4.93/hour)