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Aryan Sen Project Manager

I have the following 5 characteristics which encourage students to come to m for tuitions.

1. The ability to develop relationships with their students
The most frequent response is that a great teacher develops relationships with students. The research literature agrees with them: Teachers need to be able to build trusting relationships with students in order to create a safe, positive, and productive learning environment.

2. Patient, caring, and kind personality
Personality characteristics related to being a compassionate person and having a sensitivity to student differences, particularly with learners, was the second most frequently reported quality. Again, there is research to support that teacher dispositions are strongly related to student learning and development.

3. Knowledge of learners
This is a broad category that incorporates knowledge of the cognitive, social and emotional development of learners. It includes an understanding of how students learn at a given developmental level; how learning in a specific subject area typically progresses like learning progressions or trajectories; awareness that learners have individual needs and abilities; and an understanding that instruction should be tailored to meet each learner’s needs.

4. Dedication to teaching
Dedication refers to a love of teaching or passion for the work, which includes commitment to students’ success. Responses often referred to loving the subject matter or simply being dedicated to the work. To a student, this means a teacher should be “always willing to help and give time.”

5. Engaging students in learning
Students also said that teachers should be able to engage and motivate students to learn. Researchers talk about three types of engagement that are required for students to learn: cognitive, emotional, and behavioral. Survey respondents mostly focused on making content interesting and the ability to motivate students to learn.


  • Maths (Grade 8-Grade 12)

  • Physics (Grade 7-Grade 10)

  • Statistics (Grade 8-Grade 12)


  • Project Manager (Sep, 2016 - Present) at Kensium Solutions Private Ltd.
    Define and clarify project scope
    Develop the project plan
    Develop the project schedule
    Develop policies and procedures to support the achievement of the project objectives

    Determine the organizational structure of the project team
    Identify roles and positions
    Identify services to be provided by external companies
    Staff project positions

    Setting team direction
    Coordinating activities across different organizational functions
    Motivating team members
    Assigning work

    Measuring: Checking project progress toward meeting its objectives
    Evaluating: Determining the cause of deviations from the plan
    Correcting: Taking corrective actions to address deviations
    Defining project baselines
    Tracking project progress
    Project status reporting
    Determining and taking corrective actions See less


  • Master of Technology (Sep, 2013 - Sep, 2015) from Techno India, Salt Lake, sector 5
  • Bachelor of Technology (Aug, 2008 - Jun, 2012) from West Bengal University of Technology

Fee details

    500-2500/hour (US$7.04-35.2/hour)