Advait R Aithal Project Assistant

I have developed a passion for the biological sciences through my school, undergraduate, and postgraduate education. I love explaining my understanding of concepts to students, making sure that they understand, rather than just remember it for the sake of exams.

I would first familiarize myself with the students' syllabus, make sure that I myself am knowledgable on the subjects, and then teach them accordingly. I do not want to teach students whose aim is just to get good marks in exams. I prefer teaching students who are interested in the subject and not going after marks. It is my philosophy that if you have genuine interest and fascination for the subject, marks will follow without any effort.


  • Biology (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • Molecular Biology (Grade 11-Masters (Postgraduate))

  • Cell Biology (Grade 8-Masters (Postgraduate))

  • BioChemistry (Grade 8-Masters (Postgraduate))

  • Microbiology (Grade 8-Masters (Postgraduate))


No experience mentioned.


  • Master of Science (Jun, 2017 - Apr, 2019) from St. Joseph's College, Bangalore
  • Bachelor of Science (Jun, 2014 - Apr, 2017) from St. Joseph's College, Bangalore
  • Higher Secondary (Jun, 2012 - Apr, 2014) from Bishop Cotton Boys' School

Fee details

    300-600/hour (US$4.22-8.45/hour)


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