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sampath V Professor in Physiology

A Teacher is a facilitator, coach and a life long learner who continues to provide
authentic and meaningful learning opportunities and experiences for the students. It is
important that teacher plan effective and engaging lessons and activities for a divergent group of students meeting their individual needs and learning styles. I believe that a good teacher is a team player who understands how to effectively mobilize resources to best meet the needs of her/ his students.
Teaching is my passion & primary responsibility. To teach has been a desire of mine
since my high school studies, and it runs in my family (Father, sisters, uncle all are
teachers). I believe that knowledge is nothing unless it is shared. As an educator, teaching is the ultimate means to share knowledge. The sharing of knowledge takes many forms in the classroom as evidenced by lectures, practical application labs, and group seminars.
My teaching style encompasses this triad as a means of enhancing the learning process by providing variable, yet complimentary, stimuli. As an educator, it is my goal to foster the progression of knowledge from the more rudimentary level to a level characterized by critical thinking and creative application. Through the use of didactic instruction and hands-on practical application of newly attained knowledge, the grounds for progression toward higher learning are cultivated. With continued teaching, research, and service, I intend to lead by example, providing a positive model of progression and consistency.
For to teach without one's self also learning is truly de-constructive. It is my ultimate goal to instill this passion in my students.
Working as Professor in the university gives immense pleasure and enjoy the
responsibilities such as advising, mentoring, directing theses and dissertations, and
curriculum development. I receive tremendous satisfaction, and at the same time
recognize the power and responsibility given to me, in directing the professional future of my students. Whether these students are at the undergraduate or postgraduate or research level, I have the power to develop their outlook on life and shape a path for them to strive to reach their professional aspirations. The satisfaction from teaching is not confined to the grade sheet, but has an arguably greater test in the medical field where they can use their human physiology knowledge for medical practices & welfare of mankind.
“Today’s physiology is tomorrow’s medicine”; hence I teach the students that
physiology is the backbone of therapeutic medicine. Its most satisfying to teach students
how cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, blood, endocrine, central nervous
system etc work in an integrated manner to maintain the homeostasis.
During my early period of research, I worked on the effect of cardio respiratory system
on exercise and tobacco.
The heart rate, stroke volume and cardiac output response to incremental exercise
Criteria used in the assessment/verification of VO2max
Clinical research experience has given the insight how the drug and devices are
developed and the safety concerns of the drugs on the human population.
My philosophy to the service component of my university tenure has evolved with my
increasing years of university employment.
My mission in life is to acquire, synthesize, and transmit knowledge; to teach students at all levels in an environment of inquiry and personal responsibility; to improve the
condition of human life through service and publication. My interests are also in
improving the effectiveness of teaching, collaborative strategies for student learning and improving student writing and critical thinking skills
Brief Teaching Philosophy or Motto
“Every student is capable of achieving success in a learning environment that is
academically, intellectually, and socially conducive.”


  • Anatomy and Physiology (Bachelors (Undergraduate)-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Embryology (Bachelors (Undergraduate)-Masters (Postgraduate))

  • Clinical pharmacology (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Microbiology (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Clinical biochemistry (Bachelors (Undergraduate))


  • Professor (Aug, 2016 - Present) at SIMRH Tumkur
    Didactic lectures
    Problem based teaching
    Small group teaching
    curriculum development
    motivational sessions
  • Associate Professor (Jan, 2006 - Jul, 2016) at MVJ Medical College & Research Hospital, Bangalore
    Didactic lectures for Undergraduates and postgraduates
    journal clubs
    research activities
    practical classes
    problem based teaching
    small group teaching
    motivational sessions


  • MD (Jan, 2003 - Dec, 2005) from KIMS Hubli

Fee details

    500-1,000/hour (US$6.98-13.96/hour)


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