Steve White Teacher of teachers

I am a honest and good tutor online, in several courses. Calculus, stats,algebra and all math related. I always do a good job before the due date. I never do a work if I am not sure of the result. Also you can contact me fast, available several hours a day. No third parts.
I help with homework, tests or every thing you need. I help you online as soon as possible
You can contact me if you have any doubt about me. I hope having a deal with you soon.


  • Maths (Beginner-Expert)

  • Statistics (Beginner-Expert)

  • Geometry (Beginner-Expert)

  • Calculus (Beginner-Expert)

  • Discrete Mathematics (Beginner-Expert)

  • Excel (Beginner-Expert)

  • Probability and Statistics (Beginner-Expert)

  • Differential Equations (Beginner-Expert)

  • Trigonometry (Beginner-Expert)

  • Algebra 1 and 2 (Beginner-Expert)

  • Calculus 1, 2, 3, 4 (Beginner-Expert)


  • Teacher (Mar, 1997Present) at Anep montevideo
    I teach to math teachers


  • Bachelor degree Stats (Mar, 1998Dec, 2002) from UDELAR Montevideo

Fee details

    UYU1,0002,000/hour (US$23.2346.46/hour)

    I charge from $30 to $60 hour depending on the level required

20 Reviews
4.8 out of 5

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User Photo December 14, 2020
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He is an excellent tutor, i highly recommend , unbelievably fast in solving , very patient with the students

User Photo November 28, 2020
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The best !!

I have had many math tutors in the past year. He is by far the best at helping with homework, explanations, and test reviews. My grades were always good, but now they are excellent. Plus he is a very nice person and has a lot of patience. Would recommend to anyone.

User Photo November 27, 2020
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Best Price + Quality

He is one of the best teachers I’ve worked with. He was the reason behind the A that I got in my discrete mathematics class. Perfect price , good work quality and respectful. I recommend choosing him. 10/10

User Photo November 27, 2020
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Fake reviews

All his reviews are fake!! Don't be fooled! He did a basic math assignment for me but kept on asking if he could stop at certain questions and wanted $150 for it and I did not get the results I wanted. I paid half because he is asking for more than what is on his site plus it's BASIC math at the grade 12 level which only took him around 1 hour to complete with 25 questions. He said the fee he's asking for on his page is old. Beware of this fake tutor he will fail you and only cares for the money. When I confronted him he turned it on me and told me I don't deserve to live

User Photo November 16, 2020
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He is not expensive and he really knows and understand.

He studied me my STAT101 course and he give me a great grade and he knows all topics about stat101 which is introduction to Statistics & probability.

User Photo October 2, 2020
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Always there to help , respectful , and prices are fair

User Photo July 7, 2020
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The best tutor to deal with

very fast , highly recommend I got A+

User Photo July 3, 2020
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Best touter

The best touter that teached me
Fast and dont waste time for nothing and honest

User Photo June 30, 2020
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Kind, present and quick

I would give him more than 5 stars if i can 👍🏻👍🏻

User Photo June 26, 2020
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Excellent tutor with great command on his subject

Very fast and accurate

User Photo June 23, 2020
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Excellent tutor and highly recommend! He is very friendly and great with communication.

User Photo June 22, 2020
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One of the best tutors I dealed with

Perfect Totur he replies fast and honest person and perfect solutions👍

User Photo June 5, 2020
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Kind, present and quick

I needed an help for the most difficult exam of my bachelor. He helped me not only giving tempestive advices, but he also documented himself with my materials to be more precise. Super recommended

User Photo June 4, 2020
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Excellent results

Very friendly,quick response time,very reliable.

User Photo May 28, 2020
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great grades

makes sure your grades are the best!

User Photo May 17, 2020
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Excellent Tutor

He did a very good work and fast. Honest tutor

User Photo May 13, 2020
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Very very professional tutor

He is a very professional and collaborative doctor

User Photo May 10, 2020
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Excellent teacher, fast,and the best in discrete mathematics

He is very kind and patient I understood every thing. now I'm able to do all exams because of him.
Also he helped me with an assignment and I got full mark

User Photo May 10, 2020
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Excellent Tutor, Great Communication, Fast Turnaround Time and Patient

I hit the jackpot in finding this tutor! He was incredible. He was very patient with me . He was also good at communicating with me in a language I understood and never made me feel like I would not be able to understand the material. After receiving his help I went on to do EXTREMELY well in the class. Thank you sooooo much!! One more thing about him is that he went out of his way to make sure I had extra material that would help me. I could not ask for a greater tutor and teacher. I would definitely use him again and highly recommend him and his abilities.