jaydeep vaidya Indian Classical Vocal Teacher and instrumental

I can provide best of knowledge indeed with good efforts to inculcate the value of the subject or the topic could be understood by the students by keeping their interest in the subject.

In theory
An introductory approach to the student correlate music with life situations and its importance. then moving on the structure of notes, note names, note values, time signature, scales, key signatures, type of notes.
An approach to identify, read and write the basic notes with its values before we start the practical sessions.

In Practical
Starting with the basic scales knowledge and its utility and then focusing on to the notes of one scale considering as a base for the understanding and practice and then, training them to recognize the sound and the keys along with the fingering positions as the proper fingering will give the proper speed at the next level and then moving ahead after some sessions of one scale practice to other scales and its importance.

then, in the next sessions, the students will be moving on the rhythm practice which is the most important part of music. he will be taught about the time signature and types of time signature along with the explanation of time signature and various notes divided into each bar and bar lines.

then moving on to the practice of left hand coordination with the right hand coordination and reading the small lines of staff and play on the keyboard and then gradually approaching to the bigger songs


  • Music (Beginner-Expert)

  • Accountancy (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Commerce (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Maths (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Music Composition (Beginner-Expert)


  • principal (Dec, 2016 - Present) at shree swaminarayan vidyalay gandhidham
    heading the school as a principal having key roles to manage, organize, recruit, transporting assistance, planning strategies and year planner for the school and to look after the school staff, students, parents on the day to day basis, planning, execution and implementation of the policy for indulge learning attitude and to create a good knowledge into the students
  • high school coordinator (Jul, 2008 - Dec, 2016) at Mount litera Zee school gandhidham
    high school coordinator handling, planning, organizing the syllabus, policies, follow up of the things to do and along with that teaching accountancy and statistics in the grade + 2 students in the commerce section
  • director (Jan, 2006 - Present) at harmony music institute gandhidham
    heading as a director the music institute and also working as a main trainer of the institute having 8 centers in the city and i am teaching about 350 students per week basis in a different areas of music like classical vocal singing, harmonium, tabla and along with this, the western music course in keyboards and guitar affiliated to trinity college of london.


  • bachelor of education (Jul, 2007 - May, 2008) from kskv kachchh university- scored 81
  • master of commerce (Jun, 2005 - Jun, 2007) from kskv kachchh university
  • bachelors of commerce (Jun, 2002 - May, 2005) from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
  • bachelor of music (Apr, 1995 - Apr, 2004) from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad

Fee details

    300-1,000/hour (US$4.2-13.99/hour)

    charges may vary from place to place as travelling cost also needed to bear or else fees can be the same if the travelling allowance will be provided.