Shilpa Tyagi Jr. Technical officer

I can explain topics to them until they understand and satisfy also I can help them in their assignments. Students would love to learn and understand biotech. As I follow the method and make notes for them so that they can learn and understand things easily. If they would have any difficulty to understand I will explain them again and again until they would completely satisfy. I would love and enjoy to teach students and make them learn the subject and share my knowledge which I have gained from my mentors.


  • Biotechnology (Beginner-Intermediate)


  • Jr. Technical officer (Apr, 2015 - Sep, 2017) at Zelleven Healthcare pvt. Ltd.


  • M. Tech. (Oct, 2009 - Jan, 2012) from MIET MEERUT, Meerut

Fee details

    2000/day (US$28.16/day)