Rishu B Engineer

I have total 7 years experience in the IT industry with technical engineering degree in Electronics engineering.
I worked as a part time tutor in live classes from my college time. I have such skills to explain the topics with live examples and trying my best to explain until I am personally satisfied that my student able to learn it properly. I can help my students with any numbers of time if they have any confusion and can provide a proper space so they can ask any little doubt without any hesitation.
I can help my students to understand the future demands in IT industry and other fields.
I strongly believe that the students should learn the basic goals to reach success during their school days, so they can better prepare themselves to reach their success.
I also believe that students should be aware of various learning options available after their schooling, so they can focus on right direction and can think more about their next future steps instead of their parents. I guess that's enough of me and see you soon if you like the way I think and explained myself as a tutor.
Good luck.


  • Physics (Intermediate-Expert)

  • Music (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Computer Science (Intermediate-Expert)

  • Hindi (Expert)

  • Bollywood Songs (Intermediate-Expert)


  • Tech lead (Sep, 2016 - Present) at NICE


  • B.Tech (Aug, 2008 - Aug, 2012) from PTU Jalandhar

Fee details

    10000-15000/month (US$145.94-218.91/month)