Palak Raiyani Teacher /physics 11 th and 12th

To teach physics is my passion because its study of nature so I like to discuss this beautiful subject with students and try my best to make students fall in love with this subject by involving in situations and clear their fundamentals and concepts . So I prefer to discuss with students and give them feel about this subject which is understand if you and me both make efforts .And last thing is I have empathy for students and understand what is the thing they don't able to get . So by imagination discussion and efforts I can make you fall in love with physics.😂😂😂


  • Physics (Grade 11-Grade 12)


  • Doubt solving (Jun, 2019 - Jul, 2019) at Swaminarayan gurukul gondal
    11 th and 12 th class Physics doubt solving and concept building


  • BACHELORS OF ENGINEERING (Jul, 2015 - Apr, 2019) from Government engineering college rajkot- scored 74%

Fee details

    200-300/hour (US$2.8-4.2/hour)