Asmaa Wahid Recitation or Memorizing Quraan and Tajweed rules

-I use zoom meeting program in teaching to share Quraan and any books, Zoom is so easy and everyone can use it ..
-I make memorizing Quraan so easy by teaching the meaning of the Ayah first then repeat it several times ..
-Also make learning Arabic or tajweed rulers so funny and interesting using games and sharing the white board to draw the letters together ..
-share songs of the Arabic alphabets to make childrens feels exciting.
-Im sure that you will love the session of Quraan with me in shaa Allah


  • Quran and Tajweed (Beginner-Expert)


  • Teacher at Khadega Academy (Jun, 2010 - Present) at Al-Azhar University in Alexandria
    Im teacher of Quraan And Tajweed rules to native and non native speakers for ten years
    Also teaching Arabic rules for beginners
    Alhamdulellah i have memorized the whole Quraan since i was twelve years old
    And i have ten Ijazah in the ten readings
    I can give ijaza to students with high Sanad


  • Share’ah (Sep, 2010 - Jun, 2014) from Al-Azhar University in Alexandria
  • Share’ah (Sep, 2010 - May, 2014) from Al-Azhar University in Alexandria
  • Share’ah (Feb, 2010 - now) from Al-Azhar University in Alexandria- scored Excellent

Fee details

    £60-100/hour (US$3.72-6.2/hour)

    If you from Egypt you can send it vi vodafon cash
    From abroad you can send via western union


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