Kunnakkudy Bala Ramakrishnan Musician

Practice non violence through divine music is our motto. Giving intensive training for both beginner and advanced. Will be very punctual for the classes.
Trained hundreds of children in carnatic music and they are giving solo performances.
Believing that trained carnatic musicians can perform any music in the world.
Our Students are also trained in Sampradhaya Bhajans and performing in and around Tamilnadu, Visited Srilanka also.
Also taking class through skype/hangout and Smart Board to schools. Hailing from a family of Musicians. Belong to KUNNAKKUDY a small village in chettinad also known for Musicians.


  • Carnatic music vocal (Beginner-Expert)

  • Carnatic Bhajans (Beginner-Expert)

  • Music-Smart board classes to schools (Beginner-Expert)


  • founder-Director (Jun, 2000 - Present) at Kunnakkudy school of Music, Chennai
    Giving dedicated training to passionate students from beginner to advanced. Belong to a music family. Daughter of Kalaimamani Kunnakudy Venkatarama Iyer. Running the music school since 2000. Hundreds of childredn trained. Students are trained to performing level. Taught Sampradhaya Bhajans to the students and performed in and around Tamilnaud, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Srilanka.
    Giving importance to the beginners so as to make them learn wherever they join.


  • M.A (Jul, 1985 - now) from Kunnakkudy School of Music

Fee details

    2000-5000/month (US$27.95-69.88/month)

    Monthly (8 class) for group classes=Rs.1000/- Online Rs.2000/- for beginners.