haniya malik Teacher

Assalamualykum ! My name is Haniya. And i joined the website with a motive to help people in who are in eager to learn. Engish, urdu, Quran recitation and islamic studies are the the subjects which i love to learn and teach about. And explore more each and everyday . My teaching skills are highly liked by the people beacuse i also help them giving my own research books to learn them in a better way.
It is said by our belove Muhammad Sallahu Alahi Wassalam (may Allah be peace upon him) that " Those people are the best of all who recite and teach to read Quran.
Subhan Allah


  • Maths (Grade 1-Grade 4)

  • Urdu (Beginner)

  • Quran Recitation (Beginner-Expert)

  • Quran and Islamic studies (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • English communication (Intermediate-Expert)

  • English Literature (Beginner-Expert)

  • english grammer (Grade 1-Grade 5)

  • English Pronunciation (Beginner-Expert)

  • English vocabulary (Beginner-Expert)

  • CBSE Social science (Grade 1-Grade 10)

  • Science (Grade 1-Grade 8)

  • CBSE Geography (Grade 1-Grade 7)

  • Library and information science (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Psychology (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Criminal law (Beginner)


No experience mentioned.


  • B.A literature (Apr, 2017 - Mar, 2019) from New Aacdmey- scored 98

Fee details

    500-2,000/hour (US$6.99-27.96/hour)

    Extra charges will be applied for extra class or extra subjects.


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