Divya Pandey M.sc geography

I will not only teach but also will make your fundamentals clear . Do you know who teaches the best ? Your friend . I will firstly be your friend and then a teacher m trust me you will love geography. I am gold medalist in both B.SC AND M.SC .I myself was a science student but later started living this subject . Geography is not only about remembering countries and their capital but is something more than that and I will make you realise how important and lovely this subject is.


  • Geography (Grade 1-Masters (Postgraduate))

  • Anthropology (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Psychology (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Economics (Beginner)

  • Biology (Grade 1-Grade 12)


No experience mentioned.


  • M.sc (Jul, 2015 - Jul, 2017) from Sagar University- scored A+ 9/10

Fee details

    1,000-2,000/hour (US$13.99-27.98/hour)