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Math is used in more than 70 educational disciplines and hence it's a very very important subject.
If there is any change there is a scope Math analysis for examples distance, time, temperature, direction, population, prices, Stocks, etc. the list is unending. In Math we called these changes variables and we are interested in the rate at which these variables are changing called derivatives. Analysis of all theses things is done in Calculus, a branch of Mathematics.
If you are really interested in learning and understanding the real life use of Math then I would love to be your teacher. I assure you will gain interest and confidence as well and this will make you score well in your Math exam. Please let me know if you are really interested.
Thanks and welcome in new way of learning Mathematics. Have a great time(a free variable :) .


  • Maths (Grade 9-Diploma)

  • Psychology (Grade 10-Bachelors (Undergraduate))


No experience mentioned.


  • M.Sc. (Math) (Jun, 2006 - Jun, 2008) from IIT, Madras- scored 7.1

Fee details

    900-1,800/hour (US$12.67-25.34/hour)

    First trial class will be free and then charges are according to the level.


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