Mandira Bandyopadhyay Head of the Bengali department (Senior)

Teaching is not only my profession also it is my passion, with modern techniques and honesty I will bring them from darkness to light. I think apart from teaching it is also my duty to guide my students to a right path. Now education cannot be fenced in books, so i will also try to pass on my experience to the student so that they can grow to bea good guman being. I find myself at a position where i can easily become friendly,so i think the students will have no problem in interacting with me.


  • Bengali (Grade 9-Bachelors/Undergraduate)


  • Assistant teacher (Apr, 2006 - Present) at Birla Bharati, Kolkata
    Bengali teacher
  • Head of the Bengali department (Senior) (Apr, 2000 - Present) at Birla High School, Kolkata (CBSE)
    With the help of modern pedagogy and techniques we are helping our pupils from darkness on to light.


  • M.A (Apr, 2000 - Mar, 2002) from Calcutta university,

Fee details

    500-2,000/month (US$6.62-26.48/month)

    Per month, online


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