Prenooj Chandrababu Teacher

“It’s better to teach the students how to learn and what to learn, than teaching them what we know.”

I can teach with confidence the complex topics in a simple but in a competent manner. An eye for detail approach will be followed throughout the teaching process and this will help to realize weak or strong areas of the aspirants and can reframe the teaching methods as per the individual requirements.

Along with the studies, students, their talents, thoughts, and ideas will also be entertained and be taken care of. Effective steps will be taken in order to secure the career and future of the students to guide in the right direction they need to be.

Have expertise in teaching languages and subjects with the same ease. Have enough patience to teach the language from the root with effective enrichment in its sounds, vocabulary, phrases, styles, usages, and grammar. Foreign students are also would be able to read, write, and speak effectively in a time span, not more than 3 months. Necessary tips and tricks will be given in the universal platform, English. The communication and comprehensive abilities of students will be enhanced by helping them to convey their thoughts and ideas effectively.

Well educated and experienced in teaching science subjects. Thorough knowledge of respective subjects. Expert in logical reasoning. The concepts are explained from the root and the logic is built up in the students for more ease to understand. Ability to teach junior and senior students with the same ease. Mild, co-operative and kind approach so that the best is taken out from each student.

Special ability to go through the same way through which the thoughts and doubts of students travel which helps to treat them in the same way and wavelength they require. Doubts will be treated with the utmost care.

Being an amicable tutor, I can help students to unleash their hidden talents in learning and other areas and can help to apply it in their academic goals and in real life. A better understanding of lessons with clarity is assured. Learning becomes more interactive sessions and studying will amuse them as never before .!

I can happily assist the aspirants with their learning goals including assignments, creative writing, seminars, etc within my limits.

A friendly atmosphere is assured which will definitely reflect in the healthy tutor-student relation. A healthy relationship is mandatory among the two since their thoughts and ideas could be shared if a free-flowing relation is present among them. Dos and Don’ts will be clearly explained.

The experience and information I gathered by these years will help me to train and guide my students in the right way they need to be. Transforming students to well-built citizens bear a vital role done by the teachers involved. When the students of different latitudes stand to unite for the world, then the satisfaction of the teacher turns to be ‘Pride’.


  • Biology (Beginner-Grade 10)

  • Malayalam (Beginner-Expert)

  • Mathematics (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Medical transcription (Beginner-Expert)

  • Human anatomy (Beginner-Expert)

  • Communicative English (Beginner-Expert)

  • Quantitative aptitude for competitive exams (Beginner-Expert)

  • English Content Writing (Beginner-Expert)

  • Data Entry Operations (Beginner-Expert)

  • English Grammar and Composition (Beginner-Expert)

  • Copywriting (Beginner-Expert)

  • Reasoning and Maths (Beginner-Expert)

  • Virtual Medical Scribe (Beginner-Expert)


  • Customer Care Manager (Jun, 2018 - Jan, 2019) at Ambrosia, The Baker House
    Have experience as Customer Care Manager at Ambrosia, The Classic Bake House, Trivandrum, which is one of the finest bakers in Trivandrum. It is well known for their unique products, their quality and taste.

    Role specialties : Have to meet customers of different platforms, meet their expectations and manage their feed backs.
  • Online Tutor (Jan, 2017 - Oct, 2019) at Growing stars infotech Pvt. Ltd.
    Have experience as Online Tutor at Growing Star Info tech Pvt Ltd.
  • Sales Representative. (Jan, 2010 - Dec, 2015) at Al Marai Dairy Company LLC, Kingdom of Bahrain.
    Have experience as Sales Representative in Al Marai Dairy Company LLC, Kingdom of Bahrain. Al Marai is a Saudi-Arabia based dairy company which delivers its products all over GCC.

    Role specialties: Had to meet numerous customers every day for the promotion of products,discussion regarding special offers and prices, maintain the stock in concerned outlets and maintain the standards of competence.
  • Service Adviser (Jan, 2003 - Dec, 2009) at Marikar Engineers Limited, Trivandrum.
    Worked as Service Adviser in Marikar Engineers Limited, Trivandrum which is one of the oldest venture in automobile industry which does its service in sales and service of automobiles like Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Skoda, etc.

    Role specialties : Had to consult customers from various layers of the society for their automobile related needs, had to manage my team and help them in situations needed.


  • Certificate in Medical Scribing (Jun, 2016 - Jan, 2017) from Only Group Healthcare LImited, Bangalore.- scored 90 percent
  • Communicative English (Jan, 2016 - Dec, 2019) from Indhira Gandhi National Open University- scored 90 percent
  • Certificate in Medical Transcription. (Jan, 2016 - Jun, 2016) from Transorze Solutions, Trivandrum.- scored 94 percent
  • Diploma In Automobile Engineering (Jun, 2002 - Mar, 2005) from Govt Industrial Training Institute, Dhanuvachapuram, Trivandrum.- scored 87 percent

Fee details

    300-500/hour (US$4.0-6.67/hour)

8 Reviews
5 out of 5

User Photo July 29, 2020
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Outstanding companion and a great teacher..!

I am pretty glad to write about Prenooj Sir and he deserves all the 5 stars in terms of rating.

I had some difficulties in speaking in English and writing, and was weak in vocabulary when I started with Prenooj sir. He treated me in such a way that, at any point during the entire sessions, I never felt like somebody was teaching me. Though I had to go through English grammar topics for a good command over English, he never dealt with grammar rules. He always used to make sure that the student gets the concepts behind speaking in English.

I strongly recommend each of the parents and students to pick him as your tutor, and it is certain that you will reach your dream and will be attaining a good command over English in all its aspects.

User Photo July 27, 2020
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I was unable to use grammar in proper manner and weak in fluency but Mr Pranooj helped me to understand grammar well and to improve my speaking skill. He is teacher cum friend. His friendly behavior made me more confident in my language.

User Photo June 18, 2020
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Helping child connect with Malayalam

Prenooj has helped by son learn Malayalam. As my son was brought up in London, UK, he speaks English everywhere. Prenooj is always prompt and a dedicated teacher. He was able to introduce by son to Malayalam and continues to enhance his understanding of Malayalam.

User Photo June 1, 2020
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Knowledgeable and passionate Language teacher.

Preenoj has been teaching Malayalam for our children. He is knowledgeable, qualified and has a special way of making the students understand the language in a very simple manner. Will recommend Preenoj as a language teacher.

User Photo April 28, 2020
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Well experienced in English Grammar and Aptitude (competition level)

I had been attending online classes for English grammar and Maths for CSAT and had wonderful experience. His way of teaching is bit different and someone can feel bit strange in starting but can see good results themselves after a while.

User Photo February 25, 2020
Payment not verified

Malayalam teacher

Mr. Prenooj has been helping me for the past month and a half with my Malayalam speaking skills. He has really helped me advanced very quickly and is passionate about teaching his native language to foreign era.

We practice everyday and I always finish class with deeper cultural knowledge of Kerala and a greater proficiency in the Malayalam language.

User Photo February 21, 2020
Payment not verified

English tutoring

I must give Prenooj a 5 Star rating since he is too good a tutor. Prenooj has been teaching my son English Grammar and Composition for a long while. He likes and enjoys the sessions and right after the first class itself, we have been noticing the change in him in his attitude to English and since then he has improved a lot in his studies.

He teaches in such a way that he keeps the students at ease so that they can learn easily and he has some special techniques and examples to make the student understand the context.

I strongly recommend the parents choose him as an English tutor for your kids since a re-thought is unnecessary in any of its ways.

User Photo January 3, 2020
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Great professional

Im British student and highly recommend Prenooj he is a great man with good attention and care for his students, good motivator, flexible to your suitable time. And a great listener of your needs and very professional. He is very kind and educated man. Im very happy with my experience at TeacherOn studying Malayalam with him. He always make the necessary things to make you improve and encourage you. Dont hesitate about hiring him, you found the indicated Tutor.