Debdeep Basu IB Coach & PMP Certified®️| CFA ™️| Premium Tutor
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Finance | IFRS Accounting | Research & Econ | Engineering - Subject Matter Expert
Being an educator for almost 14 years now,taught various curriculums both online and offline. I am an academician on Teacheron/ Google Scholar and lately it has come to my notice that few imposters / mediators are reaching out to students (via Whatsapp) and sharing my Teacheron profile link (which is publicly available) claiming themselves to be me (Dr. Dave B / Debdeep) What to do then? You can check my Whatsapp number by burning coins on my Teacheron profile to validate the authenticity or text me directly for the response given on TeacherOn. My students generally scores more than 85% or A in their assignment or online exam support and you only have to pay us 50% in advance to book our appointment time. My reviews are the reflection of my work. We take utmost pride with our work and expect same professionalism from other party.We as a firm are open for honest feedback as I believe constant improvisation is the key to get to perfection in academics and beyond. We are constantly tested and tried by people whom we come across and any weak spots would be taken advantage of.The only way to survive is to bullet proof our values and ethics and refuse to accede to provocations or fall prey to notoriety.

Steps to book an exam appointment / tutoring assignment help slot:
1) Contact me through email/ text / WhatsApp/ Signal.
2) Provide me brief info about the exam i.e Subject, Date, time, duration of appointment help.
3) Our support team will process the request and book an exam appointment slot for you.
4) Once the exam/ tutoring appointment gets confirmed from our side, every student/ client will get URV which needs to be quoted on the day of appointment or any future reference with us as per terms of the firm.

I have taken online tutorial classes for engineering, medical and management students pursuing various engineering courses,MBA as well Accounts & Econ for graduates, other professional courses such as CFA and PMP & ACCA, CIMA,CFE and CPA (US) aspirants with modern approach and simulation technique.My students are based in Canada,US, India,Singapore,Middle East, Kuwait, UK, ANZ, other Europe and LATM nations.

The online session will be taken with the help of virtual whiteboard / proprietary software along with communicator like Zoom,TeamViewer or Skype as messenger.Face to Face approach through virtual classroom and whiteboard with the help of our proprietary software. I also personally give exam styled questions in the form of assignments and correct each answer individually.

Furthermore, I help students with different test-taking strategies, guiding them on how should they approach the test on the day of appointment.

Payment Terms : Demo classes are on chargeable basis with prior appointment only.You only need to pay 50% in advance (to book my appointment time) and balance as on date to get confirmation from our side and be satisfied with the quality of the session or appointment help.

Privacy Policy: We value privacy and confidentiality of our clients and doctors/ experts and are very strict with data integrity and security policies as per terms of the firm.Only genuine request will be entertained as we have vigilant policy against spammers/ information gatherers.

Accolades and Award:
UCLA Alumni Association and part of prestigious Bruin Social.
Research Scholar at Academia and part of Trustpilot, Research Gate and Graphnile network.
Multiple times winner of Best Tutor Award in different categories by Urban Pro, Zest and Times Group.
Expert Specialist with Chegg India,Transtutors Association and part of Prestigious Gmat Club Forum.
INSA Award received on Founders Summit at Delhi(2018) for Ritz Management LLC.
Certified IB and Cambridge AQA Trainer.

Flexible for both online, group as well home/ individual tuitions / mentoring depending on the place of travel.
Online Availability :
8 PM to 2 AM on weekdays. 8 PM to 4 AM on weekends(Sat & Sun).
However, our support team is available on WhatsApp 18/7
except US holidays.

Having a Phd in Economics and Masters from UCLA and being an active member of the UNICEF and Akshay Patra Foundation, mindful about the Indian Culture and a big philanthropist spreading joy among special kids and director of community school sponsored by RES, now Ivanti.

Res®️ is a one step solution for students’ queries. Experts at Res®️are dedicated in providing customized solution to their students. Step by step improvement with the aim of reaching to their best performance level on ‘THE’ day is our objective. We offer a 100% money-back assurance. In case you are not satisfied with our assignment/ exam help and your scores are backed by transcripts / ESR, you get a full refund in form of credits as per terms of the firm.

We believe in 3D’s for a sure success:-
D- Determination
D- Dedication
D- Devotion

Title of PhD Thesis: Design and Analysis of Cellular Automata Based Cryptographic Algorithms by Econometrics Regressed Data
The work investigates the application of Cellular Automata (CA) in the world of cipher design. The fact that the simple rules of the CA can be used to develop complex dynamics have often inspired cryptographers to develop ciphers based on them.

Dr. Dave


  • SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) Beginner-Expert

  • GMAT Bachelors/Undergraduate-Masters/Postgraduate

  • Corporate Finance Bachelors/Undergraduate-Doctorate/PhD

  • GRE Verbal Beginner-Expert

  • International Finance Bachelors/Undergraduate-Doctorate/PhD

  • Business and Corporate Law Bachelors/Undergraduate-Masters/Postgraduate

  • PMP (Project Management Professional) Beginner-Expert

  • IB Math SL/HL

  • IB TOK Beginner-Expert

  • AP Calculus AB & BC

  • Engineering Economics Beginner-Expert

  • Micro and Macro Economics A level-Doctorate/PhD

  • Petroleum Engineering Bachelors/Undergraduate-Doctorate/PhD

  • Computer science and programming languages Beginner-Expert

  • Engineering courses Bachelors/Undergraduate-Masters/Postgraduate

  • Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology Beginner-Expert

  • ACCA F1, F2, F3, F5, F7, F9, P2, P3, P4 and P5

  • Data Science and Machine Learning Bachelors/Undergraduate-Doctorate/PhD

  • Economics and Business studies GCSE-Masters/Postgraduate

  • Business Research Methodology Bachelors/Undergraduate-Doctorate/PhD


  • Examiner (Jun, 2018Present) at Bangalore University
    Part of PEM work at BU
  • Chief Mentor (Nov, 2013Present) at Ritz Academy, Bangalore,India
    One of the founder and board members of RES
  • Professor in Mathematics for IBDP (Mar, 2013Nov, 2014) at Indus International School, Bangalore
    Looking and planning the coursework for IBDP Mathematics Higher Level apart from teaching regular classes
  • Board Member and Director (Nov, 2011Present) at Res, New York,US
    Working on various developments and crowdfunding requirements.
    Res®️ is a one step solution for students’ queries. Experts at Res®️are dedicated in providing customized solution to their students. Step by step improvement with the aim of reaching to their best performance level on ‘THE’ day is our objective.

    We believe in 3D’s for a sure success:-
    D- Determination
    D- Dedication
    D- Devotion


  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from American Society of Quality, USA (Oct, 2019Jan, 2020) from American Society of Quality, USA (ASQ)scored 78%
  • PMP (Jun, 2017Nov, 2017) from Project Management Professional, PMP by PMIscored Proficient
  • CFA Level 3 Certified & Charter Member (Jun, 2016Feb, 2019) from ICAI and CFA Institute (USA)scored MPS of 85%
  • Economics and Finance (Sep, 2007May, 2012) from UCLA University of Californiascored 3.9 GPA
  • BE in Computer Science (Apr, 2002Mar, 2006) from RV College of engineering(bangalore)scored 8.4 CGPA

Fee details

    4,50025,000/week (US$55.03305.74/week)

    It depends on individual requirements and level of expertise needed.Appointment fee also depends on how soon the appointment is booked for.Premium charges applies for expedite project/assignment report and exam/ quiz help. We offer a 100% money-back assurance.In case you are not satisfied with our assignment/ exam help and your scores are backed by valid transcripts, you get a full refund in form of credits which can be used as exam vouchers subsequently.

15 Reviews
4.1 out of 5

User Photo January 31, 2022
Payment verified US$ 85.50 (7500 Coins)

Excellent and Great Expert

Dr.Dave is really helpful and knowledgeable expert.He helped me and my friend in time based assessment. We are really grateful to him for his timely assistance. I have scored A+ in my Corporate Finance and A in Management Control paper. Amazing support from his entire support staff with system integration for Proctored appointment. I will definitely come back to him for my other courses. Big Thank you to Teacheron for such amazing professional.

User Photo December 19, 2021
Payment verified US$ 40 (2500 Coins)

Good Genuine Service in Quick Time

The expert was really good and personally assured me to achieve high grades in finals. Wonderful and reliable service .

User Photo June 28, 2021
Payment verified US$ 10

Outstanding Professional and Team of Experts

He is an excellent doctor who knows his material extremely well. He is really helpful and will be there for you whenever needed. Very patient, accommodating and proficient. I recommend him and his team as they know the material quite well. I have scored very high marks in Calculus and Finance course. Thank you

User Photo April 30, 2021

Helped with my SAT prep work.

It was 2 months before my SATs and it was imperative that I do well to be considered into one of the Ivy Leagues in the country. I took a crash course with Dave and his team and he showed confidence in my abilities. A couple of months down the road I gave the SATs and managed to get a near perfect score of 1580. I thank him and his team.
~ Cheers from Bridgewater township

User Photo April 30, 2021

Amazing Experience! Genuinely fun and interactive

I studied Undergrad in the field of Economics under Dr Dave. More than a teacher I'd say he is a friend who is easy to talk to and also connects on the same wavelength of my age group. He genuinely helped me through my struggles in economics and is very well versed in the field. Totally recommending Dr Dave. You wont regret it.

User Photo April 30, 2021

He is the best teacher and gets the job done

The best tutor. This tutor is very helpful and kind , one of the very few good and excellent experts and can solve high level of assignments. I very much recommend him and his team of experts.Highly recommended ?

User Photo March 5, 2021

Best Finance Tutor at Teacheron

Dr. Basu is a real good finance professor.He has helped me to secure very high score in one of my difficult module in Fixed Income Securities.The doctor is very good and his team also helped me in my dissertation project reports.Love to work with him again for my other assignments.Very transparent in dealing and received a positive experience with him.Thank you doctor and Teacheron team

User Photo December 18, 2020

Non trustworthy

Took Project + exam with Dr Omar scored 40% and every time I asked for a refund they would come out with excuses such as send transcripts which don’t exist after doing exams and I gave them the login info to do so and still they would come out with something new everytime. What a disappointment

User Photo November 8, 2020

The biggest liar and thief

I failed the exam because of him , and my money was not returned. He took 150$ from me and I paid it in advance. I hope people be careful of him and I hope from the site to punish him and he threatened me that he will reach me.

User Photo October 16, 2020

Project+ and Finance Excellent Expert

Prof Dave is dedicated, honest and hardworking doctor who gives his 100% and takes extra initiative. I am very thankful to him for his expert guidance.He is an excellent professor and expert in CompTia Project + certification .Real time and quality support received for PMP exam .I will recommend his services to others.

User Photo October 6, 2020
Payment verified US$ 4.90 (250 Coins)

Top Expert in Reservoir and Hydrology Engineering

The doctor was on time for the appointment. Respond very fast and accurately. Very good in his communication and has an entire team who assist students on demand basis in quick time. I had a great experience working with them. They are honest and provides invoice with clear terms for every deal which helps us while making decisions. Highly recommended?for Engineering services. Thanks to Teacheron in bringing such great expert on the platform. Makes our life so much easy.BigThank you❤️

User Photo July 27, 2020

Expert and Accurate Problem Solver?

I was so happy ? to engage myself with the doctor.He was on time with the appointment and planning the sessions was a breeze, with transparency, to adjust with any modifications!Great work and perfect work ,will recommend him to many. أَن يَشَاءَ اللَّهُ ?

User Photo June 22, 2020

2 june

I got 5 of 10 correct answers. Thank you.

User Photo June 19, 2020

His the big liar in the world

PMP exam 200 questions he just answer 10 questions correct he make me fail me and one of my friend he take our money and just give us any answers don't believe him all the user how give him a five stars he made it .

User Photo June 10, 2020
Payment verified US$ 6.17 (500 INR)

Wonderful Help for Online PMP Exam

Dave had helped me to clear my online PMP exam which I was struggling from sometime. The exam was quite exhaustive but he supported me for the entire 4 hours duration. He reviewed all the information and was on time, professional and achieved whats committed. Thanks a lot Dr. Dave. I am so happy to connect with you through Teacheron. I will be coming back to you again for my future exams. He is indeed a super prof. Regards, Latifa