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Qualification, Experience, Courses and present Students

I have done B.Tech. from IIT Delhi and served as mathematics faculty at Resonance, kota for 5 years. Having a total teaching experience of 11 years, I have mentored hundreds of students for maths for various competitive exams up to the level of maths olympiad. I have mentored students for maths for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IIT JEE, IB(SL and HL), AP (AB and BC), AS and A levels, AMC 8, AMC 10, AMC 12, MATHCOUNTS, AIME, USAMO, SMO, RMO, INMO, IMO along with different competitive exams for maths from the range of GRE maths subject test to Qunatitative aptitude for MBA entrances tests like GMAT and CAT.
So far I have and have had students from USA for algebra, geometry, precalculus, calculus, Math kangaroo, mathcounts, AMC10, SAT, ACT and GMAT, from Singapore for singapore maths olympiad, IB HL A&A and KVPY, from Australia for geometry, algebra, Math kangaroo and GMAT, from India for IIT JEE, KVPY, RMO, INMO, CAT and GMAT, from UK for AS and A levels from Japan for IB maths HL, from UAE for IITJEE, aptitude and GMAT, from Canada for aptitude, geometry and AP calculus and from Brazil for algebra and AMC8.

Teaching Methodology

The effort is more directed towards inculcating the student's interest and liking for the subject with fun while learning. I try to make the topic as simple as possible for the fertile minds to easily grasp and understand it. I always lay more emphasis on basic concepts that includes theoretical fundamentals as well as important derivations often used in problem solving.The main emphasis is on developing difficult/advanced level problem solving skills. I encourage students to go for quality and deeper learning rather than quantity. Emphasizing on different approaches for the same problem helps in widening the horizons of the student that also leads in gaining confidence and pointing out the short cut method aids in time management during examination. During one to one interaction weakness or lag points of students are determined and ruled out first. Doubts and curiousity of the student is given highest priority. A brief summary of last class and running topic is given at appropriate instances, to refresh and impart coherent knowledge. I use to allocate more time to topics which are usually considered more difficult by majority of students and to subtopics that may be used in wide variety of applications. For quick and effective revision important formula, concept, class illustration and practice problems are pointed out while teaching/discussing itself.

Teaching Tools/Required Tools, Beneficiaries and Additional Information

I mentor online for all above courses using interactive virtual classroom tools like collaborative whiteboard and digital pen with tablet using a platform which also allows the audio/video interaction in real time.All work done on the whiteboard during live classes can be accessed by student anytime even after the class as it is all saved in the cloud with dedicated links/web address assigned to each session work. It can also be converted to pdf form if needed.
Students just need to have a computer with a broadband internet connection for taking online sessions.
I take pupils globally from grade 8 to undergraduate level and even people in their late ages having thrust for mathematics knowledge.
It's more of a need based hence flexible tutoring than any pre decided rigid course plan. Test/Assignments help is also rendered for competitive exams and advanced level problems.
Usually a session conducted lasts for one to one and half hour and the frequency varies from 1-3 session per week for a regular student.
From the past experience I have found that students with different aptitude level varying from average to above average for maths/logic find it easy to sync and appreciate the level up to which it is taught.


  • Maths (Grade 8-Diploma)

  • CAT Maths (Beginner-Expert)

  • IB Maths (Grade 11-Diploma)

  • IIT-JEE Maths (Grade 8-Grade 12)

  • KVPY (Grade 11-Grade 12)

  • GMAT Quantitative (Beginner-Expert)

  • Maths olympiad (Grade 8-Grade 12)

  • GRE Quantitative Aptitude (Beginner-Expert)

  • AP Calculus AB & BC (Grade 8-Grade 12)

  • Mathcounts (Grade 6-Grade 8)

  • IBDP Maths SL/HL (Grade 8-Grade 12)

  • AS & A level Mathematics (Beginner-Expert)

  • Math aptitude (Beginner-Expert)

  • Mathematics for RMO, INMO Entrance exam (Grade 8-Grade 12)

  • AMC Mathematics (Grade 8-Grade 12)

  • Math Kangaroo (Beginner-Expert)


  • online mathematics tutor and mentor (May, 2017Present) at Online Mathematics Tutoring services
    From past four years I have been engaged in teaching online for competitive exams and general maths using virtual classroom tools like digital pen, online sharable whiteboard which allow audio/video call. During these years I have been taking students or working professionals across the globe ( Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, Singapore, UAE, UK, USA) for various exams and knowledge enrichment and even for honing rusted skills. I got an opportunity to embrace various student needs varying from quantitative skills for MBA entrance exams to GRE maths subject test preparation, from algebra to geometry and to calculus,from pre olympiad maths preparation to international maths olympiad guidance.
  • tutor mentor and counsellor (Oct, 2015Jul, 2017) at mathematics coach for advanced competitions in mumbai
    I used to take students privately for cometitive exams for maths like IIT JEE, BITSAT, maths olympiad, at my own place and students place in mumbai.
  • assosiate lecturer (Oct, 2010Jul, 2015) at Resonance Kota
    I used to teach mathematics at Resonance, kota where I prepared students for competitive exams like IIT JEE ( mains and advanced), maths olympiad, math subject test SAT, KVPY, BITSAT. I got an opportunity to mentor more than 1000 students during this tenure for different boards like IGCSE, IB, ICSE, CBSE.


  • B.Tech. (Jul, 2006May, 2010) from IIT Delhi, NEW DELHI

Fee details

    2,0008,000/hour (US$26.89107.54/hour)

    It does vary depending on course and the rigor intended for the course

4 Reviews
5 out of 5

User Photo May 29, 2021

A complete package!

[I am an IB student from Singapore and have been tutored by Ravi for nearly a year]

Ravi is an awesome teacher who displays all the desirable attributes that a student could possibly want - an incredible amount of mathematical knowledge, an abundance of flexibility vis-a-vis time scheduling and classes and most importantly, he explains concepts very clearly and precisely and his easy going and open minded attitude means that I am not hesitant to ask even the most basic questions.

When I started my classes with Ravi, I was not a good math student to put it lightly. I lacked fundamental and foundational knowledge for most concepts but with time and patience from Ravi’s side, I have been able to improve my maths by a lot. I love his flexibility because sometimes I need more classes such as when certain exams are approaching and nearly always, he is able to clear his schedule to add a class. I also love the fact that he teaches out of syllabus content because it really helps build up basic/foundational knowledge. These concepts are not taught in school but help me understand what is taught in school.

With regards to his teaching, he always manages to explain the concept very clearly and nicely and if the student still doesn’t understand it, he is still patient and open minded and will re-explain the concepts, which is something I really liked. He uses Bitpaper (a virtual whiteboard) to teach and I love the site because it is simple and easy to use and it allows for a seamless sharing of images (since I post a lot of textbook/exam questions I couldn’t understand).

Another amazing thing about Ravi is that he is also able to teach content that is way beyond the school’s syllabus as per the student’s request. For example, I was interested in modular arithmetic but this was not taught in school but Ravi still managed to devote many classes to it. So he helps students learn maths which they may find fun and enjoyable, regardless of whether it is taught in school or not.

All in all, Ravi is a really good teacher because apart from having an incredible amount of knowledge, he can explain concepts really clearly and nicely and his flexibility just adds on to an amazing experience.

User Photo November 14, 2020


I am writing this review after more than two years of close interaction with Mr. Ravi Jain, and after my son secured a seat in top IIT.

Ravi Jain is an outstanding teacher of mathematics, no matter whether it is for concept building or advanced level. He has a vast as well as deep mathematical knowledge. His solving methods are quite quick and straightforward. He always welcomes unique/tricky questions and also sooner or later gives all their solutions, regardless of difficulty level of the questions. So, one must be patient enough to give him the required time to solve questions if those are of very advanced level. He has tremendous patience to clear doubts of the students, irrespective of student's level or the difficulty level of the question. I can't remember any instance when he could not solve a problem, no matter how difficult is the problem (JEE Advanced or Olympiad level).

Finally, Mr. Ravi Jain is very open minded and always looks forward to new methods and approaches from students as well, which helps to develop the analytical skills further for the students.

In my opinion, If someone is aiming to crack JEE Advanced with a decent AIR, and he/she is sincere enough (because it is ultimately student's responsibility to do the required hard work sincerely), Ravi Jain is the right choice.

User Photo July 21, 2020

Outstanding: A complete teacher

Ravi is one of the best teachers I’ve found for my son. Armed with exceptional mathematical knowledge he also likes to analyze his student’s ability and trains accordingly. He is readily available, shares feedback on students aptitude and progress.
Ravi started working with my son (in US) from basic mathematics level till competitive levels. He trained him not just subjective level to Meet test (SAT, AP etc..) but also the aptitude requirements to accept surprising challenges.
Thanks a lot for your hard work.

User Photo June 13, 2020

Aptitude test

I approached Ravi for some training with the aptitude exams. Ravi was very approachable and encouraging with my questions. What I liked most about Ravi is his ability to put himself in the students shoes and provide advice. I am sure anyone taking tutoring from Ravi will benefit from his knowledge in mathematics and his easy-to-work-with nature. I will surely take help from him the future.

Sydney, Australia