Hello, This is Vineet Jindal. Qualification in Electronics Engineering from IIT Delhi.
I am a silver medalist in my department and cleared Gate 4 times with all India rank below 100 My highest percentile in gate was 99.7 . I have cleared Indian Engineering Services in 2014. I have my from IIT Delhi. I have total teaching experience in Offline and Online Classes of more than 8 years. My most prestigious assignment in my teaching career was to teach Indian Air Force Officers (Squadron Leader) and Army Majors to helping out of their preparation for IIT. I am a Professional I.B and IGCSE trainer and educator.
My teaching methodology is focus on concepts and practice as much questions on these concepts so that you can apply these concepts in your real life experience especially from engineering and physics. My Previous high School students from international school Borads,National Borad score more than 95 percentage and A+ Grade . I trained Students from U.S.A, Sweden, Hongkong, New Zealand, Norway,The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Germany and various parts of the world by online tuition. I deliver online classes for engineering graduate and Gate aspirants in control systems, Engineering Mathematics, Signal and Systems, Microprocessors and Microcontorllers, Power systems, Electromagnetic field theory, Analog and Digital Electronics, Control Systems and programming in C/C++ etc. I give training to Gate, Cat and GRE aspirants in Quantitative Aptitude and Critical Reasoning. I have first Rank All over India in and Quantitative Classes . I am an Internationally Certified Tutor and Trainer. As far as my Engineering online experience is concerned I trained Engineering graduates from Netherland (Analog Electronics, Signal and Systems, ), United Kingdom ( Control systems and Digital Technology), U.SA ( Signal and Systems, BiMOS, Electromagnetic field theory, power generation), Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc. I trained students from some of the top Engineering institutions NYU ( Singapore), British Columbia ( Canada,), Harvard, Many Engineering graduates From IIT.


  • Physics (Grade 8-Grade 12)

  • CAT - Quantitative Aptitude (Beginner-Expert)

  • Engineering mathematics (Beginner-Expert)

  • Maths (Intermediate-Expert)

  • Control Engineering (Beginner-Expert)

  • Digital Electronics and Analog Electronics (Beginner-Expert)

  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Digital Signal Processing (Beginner-Expert)

  • Electromagnetic Theory (Beginner-Expert)

  • Circuit theory (Beginner-Expert)

  • Advanced Mathematics (Grade 10-Bachelors/Undergraduate)

  • GATE Electrical (Bachelors/Undergraduate-Masters/Postgraduate)

  • Engineering Mechanics (Intermediate-Expert)

  • EDC (Bachelors/Undergraduate-Masters/Postgraduate)

  • IB Physics (Grade 7-Bachelors/Undergraduate)

  • IB Math SL/HL (Beginner-Expert)

  • Discrete Signals and systems (Beginner-Expert)

  • IB Computer Science (Grade 8-Diploma)

  • IBDP Physics HL (GCSE-Diploma)

  • Statistics (Grade 11-Bachelors/Undergraduate)


  • International and National Educator (Jan, 2019 - Present) at Centre of education for 21st Century
    I am the international certified educator there.Provides online classes to International And Indian Students.
  • Faculty Of Physics, Mathematics And Engineering (Jun, 2018 - Present) at Raj Engineering Acadeny
  • Faculty of engineering, physics and Mathematics (May, 2018 - Present) at Raj Engineering Academy Delhi
    Teach engineering gate and Ies level for Electronics and Electrical Subjects. Iit Physics and Mathematics.
  • GUEST LECTURER (Mar, 2018 - Present) at IIT DELHI
  • faculty and Online Tutor (Dec, 2017 - Present) at Guru Q Certified Tutor Internationally
  • Faculty of International Students (Sep, 2017 - Apr, 2018) at Rostrum Education delhi
    Served As a faculty of Physics and Mathematics to International Bureaucrats and Cambridge Schools syllabus.
  • Faculty of Gate, IES, Physics and (Apr, 2014 - May, 2017) at Divine Institue of Engineering and Competition, delhi
    My designation is Electrical and Electronics Faculty for Gate, Ies, Physics and different Competitive level Exams.


  • M.Tech (Jul, 2013 - Jun, 2015) from IIT Delhi, Block 1- scored 9
  • Electronics And Electrical Engineering (Sep, 2009 - Jul, 2013) from B.TECH. IIT Delhi

Fee details

    600-2,000/hour (US$8.11-27.04/hour)

    Price of class depend on grade of class and how many hours needed to complete the course.

25 Reviews
4.9 out of 5

User Photo March 18, 2020
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Great and Helpful Teacher

Vineet has been outstanding in his teaching. He always answers my questions on time and he teaches difficult concepts very clearly and to the point. He is very accomodating and knowledgeable.

User Photo February 29, 2020
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Electrical Engineering

I approached Vineet Jindal for Electrical Engineering and i would highly recommend him to anyone.

His debt understanding about the subject and his teaching skills makes him exceptional.
He is very well organized, flexible teacher and maintains a wonderful rapport.

I am very impressed with his innovative new teaching concept’s. He makes learning is more fun and more interesting.

He is highly skilled and intelligent, and delivers complex material in a manner easily understandable and make sure you understand the subject crystal clear

User Photo February 26, 2020
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Very calm, composite and generous

I am a biomedical student and I wanted some doubts to be cleared in signals and system. I found him very understanding and knowledgeable. He's very calm and makes each and every step very clear. He brings the toughest of the problems to its simplest form with very ease. I am satified with his way of teaching.

User Photo February 25, 2020
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Really helpful and patient tutor

Im a final year CS student I have always been really weak at mathematics which held me back alot of times.
Mr vineet is a natural teacher his methods are effective and insightful.Only a few weeks of classes with him i have made a huge progress in the subjects.

User Photo February 25, 2020
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He will get you to some Challenging problem that make the PE OR EIT Electrical easy

User Photo February 17, 2020
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Best All Rounder Tutor!!

Vineet is a highly qualified tutor and his teaching talent is something unique with an extra ordinary capacity to explain the most difficult areas with much ease and clarification.
His pure dedication hard work and sinceriry are his special features during the session.
We need tutors like him to create genius youngsters in the future.
I hope to continue with the same tenacity to
improve my knowledge

User Photo February 16, 2020
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A great teacher that knows a lot about electrical engineering!

As a student from the The Netherlands I am studying electrical engineering at Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven. As you know Eindhoven is known for the Brainport and the high tech industry. Well known companies as ASML, Philips, NXP and VDL are located there. I am doing an applied university course. In The Netherlands I could not find any qualified online tutor or tutor who is able to teach me in a way that I feel comfortable with. Also the level and quality I could not find in my own country. Especially electrical engineering I could not find anyone. Then I posted a request at Teacheron. Vineet Jindal contacted and we talked about the plans and how he works. Vineet is a really nice gentleman who knows his stuff. His way of teaching is like magic. Instead of cumbersome cramming he just make mind maps on a digital board which he let you understand the material instead of memorizing them. This was a new way for me to learn and made me a better engineer actually. This is also handy because it is time effective and you have a recording function on Skype so that you can replay the video for your study. The online tutoring of Vineet makes sense as he creates his own way of teaching and because of that he understands what he is teaching and will apply his own way of teaching to your level and your requirement. I am very lucky to have Vineet Jindal as my online tutor. He makes my study a pleasure instead that it creates a burn-out.

User Photo January 24, 2020
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Worth it!

He is very patient in explaining concepts and very flexible too. he has ability to solve toughest questions and explain it to you in easier way. i have taken Circuit Theory classes , i have 0 knowledge in it but he always boosted encouraged me in solving problems and more over no matter how stupid basic calculation doubt u ask him, he will not mock at you but instead explain it starting from basics.

User Photo January 7, 2020
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very friendly patient and good math skills. Knows many topics.

User Photo January 5, 2020
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Electronics made Easy

I have started taking classes from Vineet Sir for semiconductors devices. He has made the subject very easy ,clearing my concepts,there is a very good one to one interaction, and his approach and technique of teaching is extraordinary. I hope to learn a lot from him .I am looking forward to improving my academic performance with his sincere efforts
Thanks Vineet Sir.

User Photo December 29, 2019
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Sir has an excellent ability to simplify things up. A very proficient tutor and a friendly person, he makes sure ur doubts are cleared on the spot. If u hav the subjects of ur interest listed out there look no further!

User Photo December 22, 2019
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Extremely Hard working and Knowledge.

I have taken Sat and Igcse mathematics classes from vineet sir. He is just perfectionist in his subject. Highly recommended.

User Photo December 17, 2019
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" One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world. "Best teacher 👍

" I am taking Electronics GATE coaching from Mr. Jindal. He teaches basic concepts of all subjects very clearly, he teaches all topics concept very simply. And one thing which i like most is that he encourage me in achieving my goals. After talking to him i feel confident that yes, i will clear my GATE with good score , he boost my confidence, after talking classes a diffrent type of confidence and power rises. "
Thanku sir for being my Teacher

User Photo December 13, 2019
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The Best teacher, with excellent subject knowledge

Vineet sir is a very experienced teacher, with excellent subject knowledge. I'm currently being tutored for Circuit theory and his command over the subject is amazing. Sir explains the subject very clearly which makes the subject seem very easy to learn. He is very friendly and positive. I'm very happy to seek knowledge for him.

User Photo December 7, 2019
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Teacher of Maths

Great classes and the topics are completed in detail. It is very convenient for my daughter and she understands the topics almost perfectly now. Great tutor and would greatly recommend

User Photo December 6, 2019
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Great teacher

He is a patient, intervening and vastly knowledgable person. I can’t thank him enough for all the help that he gives me. He makes me believe in myself by motivating so much. He is really brilliant teacher

User Photo December 6, 2019
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Magnificent teacher

Vineet Sir taught me Control engineering and I got to say his way of teaching is superb not only he does make concepts seem simple to grasp, but as a student I get to understand and know how things really work. I was facing problem in control engineering before but now I can say without a doubt that controls engineering is not a problem not when you have a teacher like Vineet.
I recommend him for the control engineering subject as he does have vast knowledge of this subject.

User Photo December 4, 2019
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Most Amazing Teacher

Paul from Zambia , Vineet sir taught me Engineering math 1 and 2 and I got to say his way of teaching is Superb not only does him make concepts seem simple to grasp but as a student I get to understand and knw how things really work before I was facing problems in math and other math related subject but now I can say without a doubt in my head math is not a problem not when you have a teacher like Vineet.. Seriously try him And you won’t regret not to forget he is very humble and down to earth vast knowledge

User Photo December 4, 2019
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Great teacher!

Vineet sir possesses tremendous insight on the subject of engineering technology and engineering mathematics. He also is very knowledgeable on the subjects of application of electrical circuits and is skilled at providing helpful explanations. His explanations enabled me to understand and really grasp material which was previously confusing for me - simply put, his explanations make sense and make abstract topics more conceptual and clearer. He is very professional, enlightening, insightful, and receptive to individual student needs. My tutoring session with him was really amazing and transformative for me, and I highly recommend him if you are seeking a tutor for engineering subjects. He has the know-how to get me on the right track. I love my teaching sessions with him where i am able to understand things i didn't before. Would like to be mentored by him in future as well. And really greatful for his help.

User Photo November 25, 2019
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No comments in a great sense.

No comments in a great sense.
Vineet sir is just perfect so he doesn't require any feedback.
Subjects:- Decision science, Information Technology Management and Information systems management.

User Photo November 24, 2019
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Excellent teaching

He has help me to study the electrical machines1 subject in easy way.His way of teaching is very excellent and understandable for me . Initially I was worried about online classes but till I'm very proud to be as a student of him , because of his way of presentation is very excellent.

User Photo November 23, 2019
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An excellent teacher

I am studying in Anna University, Chennai and enrolled for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) coaching from Vineet and he helped me tremendously. I had no knowledge about the subject but he taught every concept in a very simple and understanding way. He is so friendly and can understand people's understanding level and he coaches people accordingly and makes sure the student understands it. I can solve any question without difficulty.
He is very dedicated.
His area of knowledge is very vast but he is a very humble and a friendly person.
I am glad I got a good coach and a good friend. :)

User Photo November 23, 2019
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Fabulous teacher

I am a student of Norway taking Electronics Engineering Classes from Vineet. He guided me in subjects- Control Systems, Advanced Controls, Analog Electronics, Engineering Mathematics. He has a wide spectrum of Knowledge and highly intellectual as well as smart. My grades has improved a lot under his guidance.

User Photo November 22, 2019
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Mathematics Tuition

Vineet is a Guru in Mathematical Knowledge.

User Photo November 21, 2019
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Good Teacher

Being his student I never feel or found questions to be tough or the concepts going above my head. Bcz, he makes everything easy.