P Das Faculty

1. For, Classical Literature (both European and Indian)
2. For, the interpretation of literature from the modern point of view
3. The study of BA English Honours under the Calcutta University has transcended the boundary of Arts and encompassed the scientific studies of languages, viz. Linguistics, Phonetics, Phonotactics, Phonology (= the study of phonemes), Morphology (= the study of morphemes) etc. P Das has specialization in all these fields.
4. For, Philology (which is explained after the introduction of the basics of phonetics and linguistics, and the interrelation among the different languages (e.g. Ancient Greek, Latin, French, German, English, Sanskrit and Bengali) is shown
5. For, ELT (or Pedagogy of Language Development, which includes Creative writing and others)
6.Prosody (which can be deftly handled with the knowledge of phonetics and accentuation pattern)
7. Modern Literary Criticism (e.g. Marxism, Post-modernism, Structuralism, Post-structuralism etc.)


  • English Honours (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • English MA (Masters (Postgraduate))

  • English Literature and Linguistics (Bachelors (Undergraduate)-Masters (Postgraduate))

  • English Philology (Bachelors (Undergraduate)-Masters (Postgraduate))

  • Rhetoric and Prosody (Bachelors (Undergraduate)-Masters (Postgraduate))

  • ELT (Bachelors (Undergraduate)-Masters (Postgraduate))

  • Phonetics (Bachelors (Undergraduate)-Masters (Postgraduate))


  • Faculty (Jul, 2006 - Present) at New Vistas
    P Das has been teaching English at the university level for more than a decade and he is best known for his deep knowledge of the English language and literature. Other than his vast knowledge in the English Literature, he is also an expert in linguistics, phonetics and several European languages including Ancient Greek, Latin, German, French etc. Expertise in linguistics, phonetics and knowledge in different European languages is crucial to teach English Philology and Prosody, the most intricate areas in BA English Honours and MA courses. That is why P Das is the most trusted faculty in these fields in India. Besides, with the profound knowledge in the ancient Greek and Latin literature and the Biblical studies, he adeptly decodes the symbolic codes lying in the English literature. To his credit, he has published Vibrant Voices from American Poetry (ISBN: 978-81-88453-24-5), a reference book recommended for the Calcutta University Syllabus (BA English Honours, 3rd Year) published by Indian Books View and distributed by Book World. Presently he is writing an authentic textbook on English Philology meant for different Universities including the University of Calcutta.


  • PGCTE (Oct, 2004 - Sep, 2005) from English as Foreign Language, Hyderbad, Hyderabad- scored A+

Fee details

    100/hour (US$1.44/hour)

    Monthly Fees: 1600. Classes 2 days per week (In one batch there are more than 20 students).