Saurav Kumar Assistant Professor

I imparts education to learner in very easy way with animation and ppt presentation. I am very passionate about teaching, working for making the learning methodology easy. I will show the real life example with animations made by a software.
I can help the students for their projects and assessments work. I will give demo lectures free of cost. I also teaches different categories of lectures just as one to one, one to two, one to five and one to 25 according your requirement.
In this way I will provide user friendly learning.


  • Maths (Grade 5-Grade 10)

  • Physics (Grade 5-Grade 12)

  • AutoCAD (Diploma-Masters/Postgraduate)

  • Engineering Mechanics (Expert)

  • Strength of Materials (Bachelors/Undergraduate)

  • Matlab (Beginner-Expert)

  • JEE Physics (Grade 11-Grade 12)

  • NEET Physics (Grade 11-Grade 12)


  • Assistant Pofessor (Jan, 2015 - Present) at INVERTIS UNIVERSITY BAREILLY


  • M.Tech. (Aug, 2013 - Jul, 2015) from MNNIT Allahabad
  • B.TECH (Jul, 2009 - Jun, 2013) from KIIT University Bhuabaneswar

Fee details

    2,000-5,000/month (US$26.69-66.73/month)


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