Sreenivasa Reddy Senior lecturer

Am expert in solvng organic and physical chemistry problems which are related to competitive level like JEE,NEET,AIMS and I can give better short cuts for getting concepts I can also do assignments which are related to chemistry. Am expert in giving career guidance.
Mainly I will focus on doing objective questions for all competitive exams.
I can deal all chapters which are there in both 11th standard and 12th standard along with ug level organic chemistry also. Finally am well expertise in solving organic basics and mechanisms related to types of organic reactions.


  • Chemistry (Intermediate)


  • Senior lecturer (May, 2012 - Present) at SRI CHAITANYA
    Am dealing with both NEET AND JEE MAINS CHEMISTRY


  • Msc (Jun, 2008 - May, 2010) from Pondicherry University, Puducherry

Fee details

    4000-5000/week (US$56.93-71.16/week)