Rajesh Kumar Account, Finance and cost teacher

> trick and practical example for Each chapter that helps the student for understanding the terms of each subject.
> I have tought the CA foundation student having scoring good marks in Accounts subject.
> Good Environment during teaching season.
> Practice notes given for revision and getting efficient knowledge for course based
> Puunchual on time
> Course syllabus complete on time.
> Focus on student understanding capabilities.
>Test is conducted after complete each chapter.
>Trick for student how to score highest marks in Exam.
> Short notes of chapter wise given to student.
> Focus on student Achievement.


  • Accounts (Grade 11-Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Accountancy (Grade 11-Bachelors (Undergraduate))


  • Accounts Teacher (Nov, 2017 - Present) at GM EDUCATION


  • CA FINAL (Aug, 2012 - now) from GM EDUCATION

Fee details

    700-1500/hour (US$9.96-21.35/hour)