Peeyush Jadon Mathematics teacher

Every student is brilliant
Rebuking,insulting punishment only demoralise a student
Psychological treatment yields excellent results
It’s only the child who performs a tutor/ teacher can only guide him
Make a student follow your words
I am cordial to my studentsd
Getting reviews and improving the tution business go hand in hand. You should always motivate parents and students to give their feedback but never be afraid to face criticism. For example, a student might say that the teachers teach a bit fast. See if that’s actually an issue faced by a lot of students and work on improving. Once it improves, you will end up with satisfied students and in turn more business. These new students will again provide their review resulting in a loop of reviews, improvement and more students.


  • Maths (Grade 6-Grade 10)


  • Academic head (Jun, 1994 - Present) at Prime Classes
    Administrative and Sr lecturer mathematics


  • MSC (Jul, 1994 - now) from BRA university

Fee details

    500-1000/hour (US$7.12-14.23/hour)