ShyamRamesh Ram Music Teacher (Carnatic vocal )


Hi I am Shyamramesh Ram In my view about good music knowledge it's 9,11 year old kids are the qualities of a professional music composer at that age ... .The audition (Wisdom of knowledge shruti) is the ability to hear and experience without the voice ... when it is silent .

One's hearing is not in the ear .. The heart is inside the central part of the nervous system ... in the mind.

Children are making music in mind ... In the mind, it is rehearsing again .. the explosive steps ...... it is very short ... a ... very small in duration they get the Exploration ... Because it's passing, the quality of the music will increase. ' This process of mental processes will increase creative creativity ...
Creativity is not one with everyone ... it is rare ... the kids who are .. all are valued ...This ability in the children is to develop and foster it
It is possible for all living things to enjoy and rejoice
"Every Man Can not Create ....

We have true music teachers,Try to understand and learn them keep the principles 🙏🎼


  • Carnatic music vocal (Diploma)


  • Music Teacher ( Classical and All) (Jun, 1997 - Jun, 2006) at St john Public School
    Carnatic vocal lessons for Regular students, kids and those who are interested in learning Start With Basic Carnatic Exercises and Selected classical music, Light music, Group Songs, Recitation Songs, film music, Notation Music.


  • GANABHOOSHAN (Jun, 1993 - Jun, 1997) from Rlv college of music and fine arts- scored 1st Class

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    550-650/hour (US$7.83-9.25/hour)