Tawfeeq Hasan Khan Embedded Systems

I am Tawfeeq Hasan Khan, an independent embedded systems hardware enthusiast, with experience on ATMEL micro-controllers and Intel FPGAs. I am into Chip planning, Placement and Routing algorithms for Intel's FPGA chips. Currently understanding the working and capability of Nios II Embedded Softcore Processor based system design on Intel FPGAs, and my aim is to unravel the beauty of interfacing it to provide aid to external existing technologies. I like to try things that seem impossible. I often fail but my failures give birth to new and interesting ideas.


  • Embedded systems (Expert)

  • FPGA (Beginner-Expert)

  • Arduino programming (Expert)

  • Verilog (Expert)

  • C/C++ (Intermediate-Expert)


  • Embedded Systems Engineer (Mar, 2018 - Apr, 2018) at SPATEZ Technology, Thrissur
    I've worked here, and was exposed to challenging demands of clients, but with dedication and teamwork, we did it.
    I've learnt to reduce the usage of libraries with predefined functions in arduino platform, as I used the concept of duty cycle in C on Arduino IDE rather than using available library for Servo Motors


  • Bachelor of Technology (Jun, 2016 - now) from KIIT University Bhuabaneswar

Fee details

    100-400/hour (US$1.41-5.63/hour)

    My charges vary depending upon my efforts, and importantly the contents