JEAN ROBERT JEAN PAUL Chemistry and Math Teacher

Simply I am a marvelous teacher.The reason why is because I love teaching The students i have taught always had high marks owing to my methods.I have a wondrous reputation in teaching.I am prepared to be a stunning teacher for the upcoming studentsI never gave up until they are satisfied.I will make sure if I am hired,they acquire new skills in Mathematics,Physics,and Chemistry.To sum up,I will ensure to make my position a success for the Institution and for me.I thank you in advance and hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.


  • Maths (Intermediate)

  • Chemistry (Intermediate)

  • Physics (Intermediate)


  • Math/Physics/Chemistry Teacher (Sep, 2000 - Jul, 2016) at Bobby's Study Center Jerez de la Frontera
    My duty was to prepare a variety of students in the three subjects mentioned above.I have dedicated part of my professional life helping students suitably in order to achieve their goals.I have a motive to be proud none of my students never failed because of my consistency and my well-structured assignments.


  • BS /Chemistry (Sep, 1982 - Jul, 1986) from University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Languages/Math (Sep, 1976 - Jul, 1980) from South Shore High School

Fee details

    20-45/hour (US$22.47-50.56/hour)

    Time and content