Eranda Wedaarachchi Researcher

Because teaching is a way of sharing knowledge, teaching methodology depending on the type student(knowledge on subject), if they are really smart I will show them path of scoring 100%.
for others we have to teach them to love the subject, then I will show path.i am not measuring the knowledge through results.results may change with the time. if the student study the concept rather than memorizing they can easily earn more marks during the exam. we have to teach them that path not memorizing concepts, usually I behave with students as not a strict teacher I want to be a more flexible one.then we can only give our message to students.they will really contact with us.those things I learnt from my university mother pera.


  • Chemistry (A levels-Bachelors (Undergraduate))


  • reseacher (Feb, 2018 - Present) at University of Peradeniya, srilanka


  • Higher Secondary (Dec, 2014 - now) from University of Peradeniya, srilanka

Fee details

    Rs13000-16000/month (US$73.36-90.28/month)