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I chose to be a teacher because teaching is not just a profession, it is a mission. No career, no work can be more rewarding than that of a teacher who is occupied in building the personality of a student in order to equip him to face the challenges of a competitive world in the throes of transition and change.
The love and affection, the respect that students shower on a teacher who is able to inspire them by example in all spheres far surpasses the joy that wealth can bestow. What great satisfaction it gives to see your students acquire new dimensions to their personality, gaining confidence and poise and all a result of your inspiration, of your instruction. As has been rightly said: an average teacher tells, a good teacher explains, an excellent teacher demonstrates and an outstanding teacher inspires.
I chose teaching because being with children is like being endowed with perpetual youth. The love, laughter, mischief, creativity and imagination of children are like an eternal fountain of joy and vitality.
Monotony never sets into this profession as each child is God's special creation to be nurtured. Each child is an individual who needs to be dealt in a way which is never the same. Each day unfolds a new learning experience for the teacher. So there's no juncture in a teacher's life that he can claim he's reached his zenith.
Teaching offers maximum scope for creativity to flourish. Innovation and experimentation, exploring uncharterred territories by way of teaching methodologies give to one a great sense of power which is almost intoxicating.


  • Science (Grade 1-Grade 9)

  • Maths (Grade 1-Grade 8)

  • English (Grade 1-Grade 10)

  • All Science Subjects (Grade 1-Grade 10)

  • CBSE Hindi (Grade 1-Grade 10)


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  • B.Ed Physical Sciences (Aug, 2014 - May, 2015) from SRM UNIVERSITY
  • BSc. (Jul, 2010 - May, 2013) from Delhi University, New Delhi

Fee details

    100-400/hour (US$1.43-5.73/hour)