Manoranjan Dash Project manager

I explain the concepts . My teaching style includes examples, explaining the topics and giving them hands-on experience.
Results include my students have obtained excellent marks in their exams.
This makes me a great teacher.
Methodology includes giving the students the concepts and explaining the concepts.
Also giving them the confidence of solving the assignments by themselves.
Also I give them their position through real time online assessments.
ALso I provide real time examples to the students.
I also monitor the students on a weekly basis.
I also provide weekly examination to the students to assess their strength.


  • Maths (Grade 8-Bachelors (Undergraduate))


  • PROJECT MANAGER (Jun, 2007 - Jun, 2018) at TECH MAHINDRA LTD. PUNE


  • B.E. (Jan, 1989 - Oct, 1993) from Calcutta university,

Fee details

    1000-2000/month (US$14.32-28.64/month)