Vipul Jindal B.Tech C.Sc

Tutoring is a process of getting the student rid off the misunderstanding of concepts, so as to achieve a strong foundation. Sometimes it also involves helping them completing their homework and assignments but what a tutor should be aware of is that his job is to improvise the student's skill, so while helping with homework and assignments I as a tutor keep the same in my mind and help them getting their things done while explaining the required concept for their query.
To me, correct understanding comes much before reaching correct result. Incorrect understanding of one concept leads to multiple incorrect problems but one incorrect result means only one error.


  • Physics (Beginner-Expert)

  • C (Beginner-Expert)


No experience mentioned.


  • B.E. Computer Science (Aug, 2014 - now) from Bits Pilani

Fee details

    400-10000/hour (US$5.73-143.2/hour)