Abhishek Kumar Software Developer

I am very competent and ingenious in my approach and can solve a problem in a way that the student won't have trouble when in a similar situation in the future.

My teaching style also gels well with millennials and I understand what is troubling the pupil.My concepts are top notch and pretty easy to comprehend. I have a great time teaching students.

More importantly I can get results very quickly in a way that also helps my students in the long run.

I am more than capable in the below subjects upto Class X, though I can also teach class XII :-


  • Physics (Grade 7-Grade 10)

  • Maths (Grade 5-Grade 10)

  • Chemistry (Grade 7-Grade 10)

  • Geography (Grade 7-Grade 10)

  • History (Grade 7-Grade 10)


  • Solution Developer (Jun, 2018 - Present) at B2X Gmbh, Mumbai
    Solution Developer
  • Software Developer (Aug, 2015 - May, 2017) at Allstate Solution Pvt Lmt
    Software Developer


  • Bachelor of engineering (Sep, 2011 - May, 2015) from Bangalore institute of technology,Bangalore

Fee details

    400/hour (US$5.59/hour)

    Charges Vary