Sapna Thakur Tutor

Makes student comfortable and makes him or her a quick learner and also enhances their confidence.
I have good communication skills and good teaching skills also.
I at first makes student learn everything and then take a oral and written tests .
I also give presentation on the chapters through powerpoint on laptop and may also prefer student learn presentation skills for furthur growth and development.
I am disciplined towards my work and I expect my students also to be disciplined. I make student learn and gain knowledge not rattafication method as they need knowledge.


  • Maths (Intermediate-Expert)

  • English (Intermediate-Expert)

  • Science (Intermediate-Expert)


No experience mentioned.


  • Bcom honors (Jul, 2016 - now) from MJPRU, Bareilly- scored 74%

Fee details

    1000-5000/month (US$13.98-69.88/month)