Ak Siddharth Studying

Students should chose me as a tutor because i'm too a student. And i'm professional in cubing !!!
i will help you learn rubik's cube !
and also help you be mastered at it!
usually i use the speedcube: yuxin little magic
i know other cubes too but i can make you understand 3x3 easily.
more cubes i know to solve are: 2x2, mirror cube, 3x3 etc
i can teach easily because only a student can teach students perfectly as compared to that of the teacher.
That's it ! No more words to say! I'm tired of typing ... Thank You
If you are interested in me i will surely help you.
If you are worried about fees, then please don't worry. I have just set the fees just for nothing...but i can decrease my fees as much lower to a limit of yours as well as mine!

At first i will teach you the beginner's method of rubik's cube
after u are mastered here, i will be teacing u the advanced method; that's the Fridrich method...
After u are mastered at fridrich method, you will be able to solve the cube perfectly within and under 15seconds! u can be even more faster than me :P..:D


  • Rubik's cube (Beginner-Expert)


  • Cuber (Dec, 2016 - Present) at Bhawanipatna
    I'm a 16 year old cuber. I can solve a 3x3 rubik's cube under 19 seconds !


  • Higher Secondary (Apr, 2019 - now) from Bhawanipatna

Fee details

    500-1000/month (US$6.99-13.98/month)

    1-2 hr daily. approx of rs30 per day