Bharat Khatoliya Full stack web developer

I am interested in sharing my knowledge web world knowledge programming. I learnt from many of the coaching institutes but i can't found much clarification because they just write stuff of programs. executes and finish. And you know that if you want to learn anything you need to have an clear picture about that learning that what can i do after that how the things are working in web. then you will learn by interest. how the whole things works and where are they used in real world. I learn't all the stuff and now i know that how to explain the programming in very simple way by which i think you can't forget. Nobody can get expert because the technology is fast-forwarding now a days. but atleast if you learn 60% web development process. and then if you face any issue you will be able to RND(research and development) for solutions and make it possible.



  • C (Intermediate-Expert)

  • Jquery and JavaScript (Intermediate-Expert)

  • HTML CSS and JavaScript (Intermediate-Expert)


  • fullstack web deveoper (Jan, 2018 - Present) at 9 months
    full stack web developer currently working on ruby on rails technology including html, css,javascipt, jquery, ajax, sql database interested in sharing knowledge of web world to others in a enthusiastic way.


  • Mca (Jul, 2014 - now) from Govt. Holkar Science College Indore M.P- scored 76%

Fee details

    10000-12000/month (US$145.94-175.13/month)