Hend Abuauf Quran and Tajweed teacher

I am a native Arabic speaker, I speak very good English and I have an experience of teaching Recitation, Hifz, Tajweed and Tafseer to non-Arabic speakers. I have Finished memorizing Quran at the age of 16 under the supervision of Tajweed experts, Dar Iqraa, Alexandria, Egypt.
I have an excellent knowledge of Tajweed Rules. I attended a Quran/Islamic studies Teaching Techniques course in Dar Iqraa. I have an Ijaza in Assem (Hafs and Shu’ba) from Al Shatebeya way and an Ijaza in Ibn Katheer (Al Bazzi and Kunbul) from Al Shatebeya way
I have an Ijaza in Hamza Recitation (Khalaf and Khallad) from Ashatebeya way. Currently preparing a Collective Ijaza in all ten narrations. I have experience in teaching with An-Nouranya way and in teaching females and children. I taught Quran and Tajweed to non-Arabic speakers in an online teaching academy in London, UK I am teaching the Quran and Tajweed to Arabic speakers in Dar Iqraa, Alexandria. I can manage multiple priorities, I am a dedicated, hard worker, Punctual, organized, and honest. I have a diploma in Islamic Studies from the Islamic Online University Currently preparing a Master Degree in Islamic Studies at the Islamic online university. Currently studying Shatebeya (Qiraat) at Dar Iqraa, Alexandria, Egypt. Currently studying Islamic studies and Qiraat ( narrations) in Al-Qiraat Institute, Al Azhar University, Cairo


  • Quran and Tajweed (Beginner-Expert)

  • Quran Recitation (Beginner-Expert)

  • Quran memorization (Beginner-Expert)

  • Tajweed (Beginner-Expert)


  • Quran, Tajweed and Hifz teacher (Apr, 2017 - Present) at Qutor
  • Quran and Tajweed teacher to Arabic Speaker (Oct, 2015 - Present) at Dar Iqraa Alexandria Egypt
  • Quran and Tajweed teacher to non-Arabic Speakers (Oct, 2015 - Apr, 2017) at Al-Quran Institute Uk
    teaching Quran and Tajweed including Al-Qaeda An-Nouraneya to non-Arabic speakers


  • Collective Ijaza in The Ten Minor Narration (Sep, 2018 - now) from Dar Iqraa, Alexandria Egypt
  • Ijaza in Hamza narration (Khalaf and Khallad) from Ashatebeya way (Dec, 2017 - Sep, 2018) from Dar Iqraa, Alexandria Egypt
  • Certificate in Tajweed (Sep, 2017 - now) from Al-Qiraat Institute in Cairo, Al-Azhar
  • Masters in Islamic Studies (Aug, 2017 - now) from Islamic online University
  • Ijaza in Ibn Katheer Recitation ( Al Bazzi and Qunbol) from Ashatebeya way (Apr, 2017 - Dec, 2017) from Dar Iqraa, Alexandria Egypt
  • Diploma in Islamic Studies (Mar, 2016 - Aug, 2017) from Islamic online University- scored Excellent
  • Ijaza in Assem recitation (Hafs and Sho'ba) from Ashatebeya way (Dec, 2015 - Apr, 2017) from Dar Iqraa, Alexandria Egypt
  • Quran/Islamic studies Teaching Techniques (Sep, 2014 - Oct, 2015) from Dar Iqraa, Alexandria Egypt- scored Excellent
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Enguneering (Sep, 2008 - Jun, 2013) from Faculty of engineering Alexandria University Egypt- scored Very Good

Fee details

    £144-180/hour (US$8.83-11.04/hour)