Radhika Nair Bachelor of engineering

I believe that the best gift one can ever give to a child is education. A good student is a key for a better society. I would like to contribute myself to achieve this.

I am a professional telecom engineer and have worked in past. Now I am a full time tutor for my child. I enjoy teaching and look forward to share my knowledge with students. My method of teaching would be predominantly supported by ppt, pdf and other presentations that would help the student to assimilate the maximum contents in the shortest time.

Being a tutor to my child, I know that sometimes students take time to understand and we need to be patient and persistent to overcome that phase.


  • English (Intermediate)

  • Science (Intermediate)

  • Hindi (Intermediate)

  • Marathi (Intermediate)

  • Classical Dance (Beginner-Expert)


  • Satellite Communication Engineer (Sep, 2005 - Mar, 2008) at Star India Pvt Ltd


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Sep, 2001 - Jun, 2005) from Mumbai university, Santacruz East

Fee details

    Rial5-12/hour (US$12.82-30.77/hour)