Satyajith Bommana Boyana Computational Mechanics Tutor

I modulate my teaching depending on the understanding level of the student.
I try to explain the concepts emphasizing all the minute details and by giving live examples so that the student can correlate to the real life application.
This methodology helps the student to remember the concept through thorough understanding. Once the concept is understood, application becomes a piece of cake.
I personally feel that learning is one of the beautiful events in our lives and has to be taught by embracing it with patience until the student achieves a required platform to build upon by self teaching.


  • C/C++ (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Maths (Grade 1-Bachelors (Undergraduate))


No experience mentioned.


  • MS (Jan, 2017 - now) from Duke University Durham
  • B.Tech. (Aug, 2010 - Apr, 2014) from Jawaharlal nehru technological University hyderabad

Fee details

    5000-10000/month (US$72.18-144.36/month)