Muzammil Nahaboo Solim Researcher

I was among the top students, I graduated with first class honours.
My teaching style focuses on making sure what the students know first and identifying where the knowledge is lacking. I then decide I have to start from the basics or I can start at a higher level. The results of my teaching can be assessed using questions to test the different aspects of what the student has learned. I also put emphasis on giving feedback to the students and also the students giving feedback to me. Overall I think I'm a great teacher because I try to put myself in the student's shoes and try to see how they are learning the subject.


  • Biology (Grade 1-Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Chemistry (Grade 1-Diploma)

  • Physics (Grade 1-Grade 12)


No experience mentioned.


  • Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Hons) (Sep, 2009 - Aug, 2012) from University College London- scored 1st class

Fee details

    £10-50/hour (US$12.82-64.1/hour)

    Price varies